Thursday, 31 March 2011

Card Making, Fritillaria

On Wednesday morning I went along to Kim's card making class
@The Gallery and we learnt how to take a flower stamp
and make a card from it. I was fascinated how we all started off
with similar stamps and by choosing different colours and methods,
we all came up with completely different cards.
I chose the lily or Fritallaria as it flowers in Spring
here and it is Mother's Day this week.
I made two cards, one for my Mum and one for my Mother in law.
Both cards are on their way now.
It was another lovely morning,
Thank you to everyone especially Kim.

Carol's Stained Glass Window Wall Hanging

Carol is working hard at this Stained Glass inspired
piece and it takes alot of patience.
I keep photographing each week and getting her
to hold it up against the window.
It really is coming on and is going to look spectacular.

Barbara's Cherry Wallhanging

This was Barbara's third week and I think this is a wonderful
wall hanging made out of nearly all scraps she had and the red border
she brought. Every cherry and leaf are different, just like nature intended.
I reckon it will be a quilt next!
See my Cherry quilts by clicking the Cherry picture on the right
of this post.

Stella's Wallhanging

Stella had been away on holiday so it was back to the
Gallery this week to finish some more of her
wall hanging. She was a bit despondent when she first arrived
as the wallhanging she thought didn't look anything.
( I posted a beginning picture of the wallhanging before).
Once it was squared off, some embroidery stitches added and
the black border, ( this is bigger than it needs to be at the moment),
Stella seemed a bit happier and was definitely happy
when her husband saw it when he came to collect her.
We often disregard a project in it's early stages because it
isn't turning out quite as we imagined. Persevere and follow
this serendipity it can lead to some wonderful outcomes.
Also if you are really stuck, leave it out where you can see it,
have a break and come back to it, often it will show you what to do next.
Of course you can also bring it along to Gallery Tuesday and have feedback!!!
or your local group or understanding friend.
So Stella's wallhanging is ready to put together for quilting next week.
I think her Grand Daughter will be really pleased.
See more of what goes on @ The Gallery

Gallery Tuesday

Three in a row all having a break from machining this week as usual

there was lots going on from mixed media, wallhangings and making

waistcoats out of Alpaca.

Jenn with her Grandad

Jennifer loves being with her Grand Parents and I feel
very lucky for her she has such wonderful ones.
This is such a lovely photo of them.

Ladies Night

Friday, 25 March 2011

More Mandalas Cards

Kim's class finished at lunch time so I went over to the Bead Shop
in Dereham that sells all sorts of craft items and
brought some card and of course a few pots of the
wonderful shimmer paints and Embossing Powders. Yum!
I had the quickest lunch I think I have ever had and
started stamping and embossing in gold.
Kim had given a demonstration of this earlier,
I always use it on textiles and in moulding plastics
so using it on paper is just magic.
Then to cutting out and figuring out what lines to choose!
Not easy when you get confused what line is what
and there is no tutor to hand!
The best bit for me was painting with the
shimmer paints, so iridescent, beautiful.
Above, you can see my second finished card,
completed all on my own with encouragement
from Haydn and Judy the Gallery owners.
I am quite pleased and Thank You to
Kim for inspiring another creation.
To see more of my creations visit

Card Making

As some of you know I like making and learning different things.
I often learn a technique or skill at a workshop and
this in a way adds to my mixed media work as an artist.
I always learn something and find it humbling to be an
student. Different Tutors have their way of
setting out and using equipment that you would otherwise
never come into contact with or you have been doing
something the same way for years and you are
shown a new or easier way to do it, wonderful!
I am going to Kim's (a tutor @ The Gallery Dereham)
scrapbooking class and she mentioned that she does
different card making techniques too!
So I went along on Wednesday and
look at what I started on! these Mandala tile cards,
the rest of the group were already doing theirs and
I really jumped into the deep end.
I just loved it, the stamping and cutting out of the different layers
and then building them up again.
The shimmer paints are beautiful to use and so glossy!
I will be doing more of these.
See more of what goes on @The Gallery

Beading Evening Dresses

I have made evening dresses in the past but this one I brought.
I've done some alterations to it and this week
I have added some simple beading to the bodice and straps.
The beads are small glass seed ones that really glisten
and of course they are in one of my
favourite colours.
It's always nice to go somewhere you can where a proper dress!
I hope to show you show photos shortly with me in it!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Design to Art Quilt

As you can see Pat has finished making her mixed media textile
trees and they are now ready for the background.
The background is calico dyed and painted in several layers
to build up colour
in certain areas, and to signify borders.
The centre of the wallhanging is all threads and strands of fabric,
machine stitched and embellished onto felt.
Pat is going to take these out in a circle to the border.
This is a piece which needed the design process to
bring ideas together and to choose the different
ways the piece could go.
The design element of any artwork can happen at the
beginning and often at many different stages of development.
Standing back and often walking away leaving the piece
on show allows you to discover more about the artwork or
develop a different technique approach.
Sampling on a mock up really helps.
Not all art making is clear cut and can teach all
of us many different things along the way
by trying different techniques before settling on the next step,
Experimenting is one of the beauties of ART.

Pat's Projects

Pat always has lots of projects in the process.
Here is a bag made from a Scottish Mohair Scarf.
It is being modelled by the Gallery Statue.
(She has had the opportunity to model Pat's wearable
creations before).
The cushion below is a modern linen and lace
cushion cover with Pat's added modern art, mixed media and lace.
Pat is adding some embroidery embellishments later.
See more creative work throughout this site
by clicking gallery or mixed media in the labels below.

Cherry Quilt

Barbara wanted to learn how to make applique by the machine.
She started last week learning how to use
Bonda web (fusible webbing) and
how to use a sewing machine, where to stop and start etc.
This week it was borders.
This is another quilt which is being made out of fabric scraps.
See more block quilts on my website

Gallery Day 22nd March 2011

Sylvia is such an inspirational lady and every week
she wants to learn more and I think
everyone learns from Sylvia.
Here she is showing us the applique cards she has made
on her machine.
Sylvia is learning the different ways of Machine Embroidery.
See more Machine Embroidery on my website

Art Tidy

Almost every week I make Art Tidy's for commissions.
This one was the latest one.
I teach students how to make their own when they
want a quick project to make.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Star Quilt

With the weather being so lovely at the weekend
I was able to take my large king size Star Quilt
outside to photograph it.
I hand dyed all the Star fabric and over dyed the batik corners.
It was all cut out by rotary cutter to aid the precise piecing.
I machine pieced and quilted it.
This is one of my favourite quilts.
See more of my quilts on my website

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Autumn Inspired Banner Quilt

This is the banner quilt is one my Mum and I have been working
on together.
The squares are 2" and made from a variety of textiles.
Mum found the Embroidered centre pieces in a Thrift Shop.
There are two of them and it feels lovely to
give the embroidered chair backs a new lease of life.
They were made in the late 40's by the design and thread used.
See more use of vintage textiles on my website

Brown Banner

This is the first Banner Quilt from a new collection
I am working on.
It contains, sari, silks, satins, upholstery
and cotton fabrics.
It is now ready for machine quilting and extra
embroidery embellishing.
See more of my banner quilts on my website

Southern Chinese Textiles

Judith Symmonds came and gave us a talk about
her collection of Southern Chinese Textiles.
I had seen her last year at our Embroidery Guild and knew that
Alveva Quilters would love to see and hear all about the textiles.
Judith is a wonderful speaker telling and showing us
the individual pieces,how they were made and some of the stories
behind them. The members were able
to handle every piece and see close up the
fantastic workmanship.
The Chairmans Challenge this year is
'Folded Patchwork Item', so seeing
some of this intricate folded and embroidered
textiles were really inspiring
but also makes you want to take a breath!
Thank you so much Judith for sharing
your collection and time with us it was really
See more posts by clicking 'chinese textiles'
in the labels below.

Chris Show and Tell

I invited Chris along from Weeting Quilters and some of their
other members to talk about the quilts they are making for
Chernobyl. She brought some of the quilts that have been made
in only one month.
See previous post.
The quilts were wonderful and have inspired some of
Alveva members to collect fabrics and make quilts.
This was a great way of sharing.
We all had n our mind the people of
Japan too!
Sometimes are time needs and wants to be divided into
so many ways.
Best wishes to anyone who is struggling at this
time and for the people who give their time and care to help.

Alveva Quilters Show and Tell

There is always a variety of show and tell as you can see.
This is even before the main speaker or workshop.

Alveva Quilters Meeting

Once a month on the third Wednesday Alveva Quilters
meets at The Methodist Chapel Hall in Feltwell at 7pm.
We have a really packed couple of hours.
This week we had amazing show and tell from all round the world.
Above Yvonne Brown told us how she grew as a teenager
in Nigeria and showed us some of the items of clothing
her father had been given.
It had been a real honour by the village. The embroidery was
The trouser suit above was made by Yvonne, her sister and
Mother with material they used to buy from the
market there. They must have been really trendy!
More show and tell in other posts.

Saturday, 19 March 2011


On Wednesday morning I went to The Gallery and
did Scrapbooking .
I have done scrapbooking a few times before but
thought I had better put it on project status.
If you don't set a time and a place to do somethings
then it never gets done!
I had been meaning to archive Jennifer's summer
trips and stays with Grandma and Grand Dad
and had never got round to it, so this is my chance.
Kim a tutor at The Gallery has been doing
card making classes and was starting
once a month scrapbooking.
We we started last month.
Kim is a Memory Craft representative too,
so she has all the papers,cutters, trimmings and wonderful
gadgets to use and play with and you can buy.
This is so good because you can see whether you really like
a piece of equipment and will enjoy using it.
Above are a few of the pages I have done.
The "2000" photos (see what I mean, need to get things done!)
I learnt to use a frame cutters and circle punches in different ways.
Thank you Kim and the other ladies for a great morning.
See more of what goes on @The Gallery

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Indian Textile History

We were told at our Alveva Quilters meeting by
Linda Turner of a wonderful programme about
Indian Textiles and their history.
I have just watched it and it is amazing.
This link is only available until the end of the 18th of March 2011
So everyone enjoy it while you can.
It as it is amazing.
You can watch a master fabric block printer on this video.

See my quilts and wallhangings inspired by India
by clicking HERE

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Embellished Felt

Brenda started last week @The Gallery by
embellishing a background fabric in all blues
with a hint of green.
She had in mind to make her friend a gift which was
so unique and different to anything she had given before.
Brenda had admired the embellished needlecases and
started. Well first session went so quick
for her she embellished her felt and then
mastered embroidery stitches on my sewing machine.
This week was the flowers, leaves and beading.
Inside is lined and has felt pages.
I think it is really beautiful and feels
wonderful to hold.
Her friend is very lucky.
Well done Brenda!
See more embellished artwork at

Stained Glass Patchwork

I really admire Carol she chooses some
wonderful projects to do.
Carol chose a picture of a 1930's stained glass
window and wanted to make it in patchwork.
She had seen some pictures of the Stained Glass patchwork in
some magazines and wanted to make her own.
So, we made a pattern and and then she traced it.
Cut all the little pieces out, labelling the paper which you
put on top as you go.
(It's like a fabric jigsaw puzzle!).
I have previously posted this photo.
It is then a matter of taking section by section,
laying the black bias binding on the top of the joins
remembering to figure out how to hide all the
edges of the bias binding underneath the other ones.
You can see this in the top picture.
Carol brought the iron on and very fine bias
which looks wonderful so far as you can see.
By clicking on the 'Stained glass patchwork', label
below you can see the finished piece of work.

Bolliwood Changes

This is Jeanette's 'Bolliwood Turrets' textile she is working on
at the moment.
The door decoration has changed again this week because
if you compare with the previous 'Bolliwood' posts,
the door, still was'nt right.
Jeanette has also added the leaf vine and embroidery
and of course the Elephants and their
background. It really is
a beautiful piece.
(To see more detail click on the image).
If you want to see more posts on
Bolliwood Turrets or India inspiration,
underneath this post there is a line of labels,
next to the comments.
If you click the label word you are interested in,
all the posts that are relevant, will come up so
you can see the progress as well.
You can see even more India Inspiration
by clicking the India Inspiration photo
on the right too.

Jeanette's Textile Picture

Jeanette creates some wonderful textiles.
So richly layered, embroidered and beaded.
She allowed me to take a picture of her and
her textile art, that she had borrowed back from a
friend to show us.
Thank you Jeanette.
Sorry, about the shiny photo of her work above.
Jeanette is also the lady behind 'Bolliwood Turrets'.

Curtain Remake

Syliva finished her first patchwork quilt and
can now announce she has a new Great Grand Daughter!
Syliva wanted to make cushions for her dinning room
chairs and wanted to use the extra curtains she had
and any fabric we had in the Gallery tub.
She made a paper pattern and the made patchwork.
Also adding some ties to keep the cushions on the
chairs. She has made four of them and they
brighten up the room and feel nice to sit on!
Tailor made!
Syliva this week made an Art tidy,
from some more of the curtaining and lining
fabric. A real make over!
and really useful.
I think we are all looking again at what we can create
out of what we have!
See lots of this on my website