Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Detail of Pat's Card

Thought you would like to see the detail of Pat's layering.
It is just wonderful!
Pat, is really enjoying using all the techniques and expressing them in her own artwork.
The results speak for themselves!
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Pat's Card

This one of Pat's mixed media cards which she has made for a friend's birthday.
Pat is really enjoying the freedom of layering so many medias and her work shows it.
This card also contains a piece of French Courture sequined fabric. Pat was kind enough to bring in the fabric so we could admire it, we oo'd an ah'd and then Pat cut Judy and me some, so I have a bit to stroke and think of what to do, embellished heaven!
Thank you Pat.

Pat's Practise Angel

Pat's Mixed Media Angel. A sample to see how the pieces go together and colours.

Pat Working Hard

Pat, working hard on her multi media background for her Angel.
Pat's husband made the comment to her as she was about to leave,
" Are you going to your sticking and glueing morning".
"No" said Pat," My Art Class!"
Pat came to The Gallery Sessions to build up her skills in art and I don't think Pat's husband has really quite got the hang of what Pat and the rest of us get up to. Pat makes and collects her papers,printing, painting,embossing,layering and all manner of skills just to form the base for her work before she has even started with the image she wants to work with.
We all had a giggle, we all know people who can't understand the pleasure of what we do and the sheer delight when we create things that didn't exist before.
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Carol's Quillo

Look at how far Carol has come in one month!
This looks even better in real life.
The purple floral border is Japanese Anemones, beautiful!
Some of the fabrics especially the border fabric was brought from, Sew Simple, at Taverham, near Norwich in Norfolk. This is one of Carol's favourite places to shop and I don't blame her it is a Crafters Heaven!
By next week all the borders will be sewn on and all the three layers of quilt put together ready for Machine Quilting.
As you can see the art media within our sessions are pretty mixed due to my varied interest and input.
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Gallery Day 30th March 2010

As promised a picture of Carol piecing her final strips together for her Quillo.

This is Carol's first ever Quilt. She chose some Japanese Brocade Silks which really pushed the cutting and sewing machine skills to the maximum for a beginner but wow! look at what she has achieved.

Carol has come every Tuesday for the last month either in a morning or afternoon session and has worked hard at home cutting and piecing when she could.

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Diana's ATC

Look what was in the post when I got home! a Cream on Cream ATC from Diana in New Zealand.
Vintage Japanese silk, cotton and paper. This is then stitched with Antique thread.
A real treasure!
Thank you Diana.

Craft Tidy's

Spent Monday morning making some more Craft Tidy's, so I can take them to the Gallery. In the end I hope each place will have there own. This will cut down the trips to the bin, hopefully and be really nifty!
In the afternoon Jo came over to see if we could work her laptop and my projector so that she could give a powerpoint presentation to Alveva Quilt Group next month. A little pushing of buttons and hey presto it worked. Looks like we are in for an interesting evening.
It was nice to catch up.