Monday, 18 April 2011

Silk Painting Video

I have taken photographs of my silk painting yesterday and today
as I produced the piece of work. It is quite hard
to keep remembering to take photographs at each step.
I have then edited it and made it into a video for You tube,
my third now!!!
I used the Mandalas card as a starting point.
Enlarging the pattern and using silk painting techniques.
I will then make a quilted and embellished wall hanging with it.
Hope you like the results so far?

Printed Sketchbook Video

I have made a sketchbook cover with the printed and embossed papers
I made a week ago.
I combined them with textiles, lace,stitch and some embellishments.
This sketchbook is for sale and can be purchased
by clicking HERE
What do you think of my first Photograph video?