Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Folded and Twisted Hexagon Flowers

These are some of the Folded and Twisted Hexagons that the participants on 
Textile Tuesday made. The fabric hexagon is one that fits an A4 width of paper. 
You need them large to begin with because the hexagon
flower will end up half the size.
It was a real morning of concentration due to all the folds and 
needle techniques.
I had started with the easier Twisted Square to begin with
so they weren't overwhelmed by all the folding.
Some went away and made enough to make a bag!
You join each hexagon flower by putting right sides together and
 over sewing.
To see how they are made visit a video on my tech site 


  1. Hi Jane

    The hexagon flowers are a beauty , and the video makes it so simple for a newbie like me . I think I`m definitely going to try my hand at making these , with all the left over fabric scraps I have. Thanks for sharing this idea !

  2. I am so pleased. I keep sharing these and everyone loves the hand sewing with a difference. They turn into beautiful pieces. they will look great in sari fabric. Best wishes.