Friday, 25 March 2011

More Mandalas Cards

Kim's class finished at lunch time so I went over to the Bead Shop
in Dereham that sells all sorts of craft items and
brought some card and of course a few pots of the
wonderful shimmer paints and Embossing Powders. Yum!
I had the quickest lunch I think I have ever had and
started stamping and embossing in gold.
Kim had given a demonstration of this earlier,
I always use it on textiles and in moulding plastics
so using it on paper is just magic.
Then to cutting out and figuring out what lines to choose!
Not easy when you get confused what line is what
and there is no tutor to hand!
The best bit for me was painting with the
shimmer paints, so iridescent, beautiful.
Above, you can see my second finished card,
completed all on my own with encouragement
from Haydn and Judy the Gallery owners.
I am quite pleased and Thank You to
Kim for inspiring another creation.
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