Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Inked daisy Collagraph

I am trying out the new press @ The Gallery Dereham
in readiness for the new printing courses which will be running shortly.
Play time at the moment to see what the little press and we can do.
Here is the Daisy collagraph after it printed 5 little prints.
I will be teaching 'Printing Little Gems',
from September.
I really love the collagraph plates too!
I think I can see a lots more variations off this collagraph.
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Daisy Collagraph

My little collagraph of daisy's is 2.5" by 5"
and I made it this afternoon.
It consists of card,torn paper,net,sequins and threads from the bin!
It was dried very quickly in the heat of the sun and a blast with a heat gun.
I liked the plates to look as good as the prints.
Setting up the press gave me a great chance to try out the waterbased inks.

Printing Press Arrives

A couple of weeks ago a new little portable printing press arrived
@ The Gallery, with great excitment.
It was put together and given a temporary home in Hadyn's Den!
I managed to get the chance to set it up today for printing
and had a printing session this afternoon.
I have a larger version in my studio,
which presets slightly differently.
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Pats Embellishing Circle Detail

This is a embellished circle detail. It might go on the front of a book cover
or may even be a bowl!
We'll see!
Well done Pat!

Gallery Day 22nd June 2010

Look at what Pat has done with her embellishing work.
She originally was going to make a book cover but
sorted out her needles and pins and made a new case for them.
Very special!
I love all the shades in between blues and purple.
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Father's Day

Stewart's younger brother and family (his wife and two sons)
were staying on the our Norfolk coast at Hunstanton at 'Searles' Park,
over the weekend and we went to see them for Father's Day.
We went on the Land Train along the coast and into town.
Our nephews loved it.
As you can see Stewart is really 'chuffed' he's got the train tickets.
We had Fish and Chips for lunch mixed in with the fun fair and later
Ice creams while admiring all the motorbikes that had parked up on the seafront.
The brass band was playing in the pavillon for all to hear.
Just a great day, lots of family photo's and memories

Rugging Workshop Sample

I have made Proddy Rugs before and I have several around the house,
using hessian as background.
I have also tried the wool 'Redicut' hook rug method too
but this is my favourite so far.
The string running through the rug loops stops the
rug from shedding it's pile!
This is what I managed to do in the few hours.
Jenny brought lots of inspiration and yarns and so did Shelia.
We were able to rip and tear to our hearts content.
It was a really lovely workshop with lots of chat and laughter too!
Thank you Jenny and the Committee for organising it.

Rugging Workshop

I am playing catch up again with all the wonderful things that happen each day.
Saturday I went to an Embroidery Guild Workshop Day
in Kings Lynn on Hooked Rag Rugging
by Jenny a Guild member.
It was with a needlehook and thread with canvas.
Here you can see a select group realy working hard.