Saturday, 26 June 2010

Stewart's Birthday

Stewart's Birthday today!
So we headed off to, 'The Hare Arms', at Stow Bardolph.
The history of this country pub is really worth looking up
on their excellent website.
The original building dates back to The Napoleonic Wars and Nelson.
We started with coffee and then lunch with a Birthday drink in their gardens
which are shared by Peacocks,white and blue!
Isn't this one just beautiful?
(See more on the website).
Plus an array of different types of chickens!
We've kept chickens in the past so we enjoy their little funnies!
The quail was trying to escape it's run
and was digging some really decent escape tunnels!
We had a lovey couple of hours just watching all the goings on
and having lunch.
'Otis',the resident cat was hilarious eyeing up the little bantums
but weary in the heat as they were rushing around and the very
large chickens were glaring at him!
Stewart and I then headed home for some R and R in our garden,
sunbathing and reading.
I do think a snooze was had too!
BBQ for tea!
Happy Birthday, Stewart!
Visit The Hare Arms at


There are so many amazing treasures and Artworks around
The V&A, this is one of the Installations around the museum,
at the moment until the end of August.
Made by
'Helen & Hard Architectects'.
It was next to us in the pool area and we just had to try it out for
size! but where's Liz?
Has she been whisked away by the mythical Norse
'Drill Tooth Squirrel' on which the piece is inspired by,
or is she now dancing in the pool with the children?
We did find her munching on one of Barbara B's
Rich Tea biscuits and asking where we could get a
cuppa to go with it. Which we did in The William Morris Tearooms,
in the corner of The V&A,beautiful,
but Barbara B needs to be taught
how to mop up better!
We then visited the 'Fashion', 'Asia' Galleries and
topped it off with the 'Jewellery Rooms' and gift shop.
All of us had to sit down, a kind V&A staff told us about
'Perino's an authentic Italian Restaurant just round the corner.
So we walked into busy London and down the street,
for a lovely Italian meal!
Definitely a good recommendation! Thank you!
The wonderful company, the staff and food were a fantastic end to a lovely day
before we had to catch our train home to Norfolk again.
Thank you so much Girls for sharing such a memorable day!!!

By The Pool

The Exhibition was absolutely wonderful!
We spent a good two hours looking and absorbing.
We all have our favourites but the
Military, Hexagon Quilt and The Rajh,Quilt were among them.
The Whole Cloths and the piecing was amazing on the patchwork ones.
I found interest and inspiration in all but my favourite
at the moment is,
The Childs Bed Quilt, byPriscilla Redding made in the 1690's.
here we are cooling off by the garden pool,
children were paddling and playing with the fountains,
it was so hot!
Barbara's already reading the V&A Exhibition book!
'Quilts 1700-2010, Hidden Histories, Untold Stories'.
If you want to purchase it, it is at

Fiday,Waiting for our Train

Here we are, 'The Coven Quilters' waiting for out train to London.
We're off to see the Quilting Exhibition at
TheVictoria and Albert Museum.
I'll introduce you from the right in the picture,
Kate, Me, Barbara W, Barbara B, Jane, Joan and Liz on the end near the rails!
We have been meeting for the last 12 years
and laugh from the time we get together,share and comfort
until we leave, often I get in just before Cinderella! well just!
Visit the exhibition at