Saturday, 2 July 2011

Card Making with Berries Inspiration

On Friday I went to Llana Wool Shop in Downham Market
and had a wonderful morning making a painted easel card
with a small group and Elaine teaching, (above).
She showed us how to paint leaves with a paint brush technique and
finger painting and pencil painting for the berries!
It was a hectic morning and everyone had a lovely time.
We then went downstairs and spent some money on
those extras we all really need!!!
Thank you Elaine and the ladies for a lovely morning.
See more of my cards on my blogsite

Little Abbey Farm Flock

On Thursday evening Stewart and I went over to
Little Abbey Farm to pick up some fleeces and a
large water container to help our irrigation here at Quilters Cottage.
Above are some of the flock waiting to be shorn.
I took a picture of the fleeces now and I will show you
what I do with after I wash and card it.
It was lovely to walk around the farm with Ben.
We 'talked' to a Hampshire Pig who
sadly because she is very naughty and gets out of the
pig field and causes mayhem so is off for sausages,ooooh!
I do like a cooked breakfast now and then!
Thank you Ben and Diane for the fleeces and water container.
Visit Little Abbey Farms website at

Studio Day 30th June 2011

Thursday was Studio Day, with Janet and Judith.
They come once a month to enjoy being in my studio Quilting.
As you can see they have finished their scissor cases and are
on to their quilts.
Judith is finishing a block quilt see started several months ago
and Janet is making a silk lap quilt made of triangles.
You can book to work in my studio to do many
mixed media techniques.
See more of my studio on my website and how to contact.

Steve Pretty Making Braids

Wednesday evening it was the once a month meeting for
The Kings Lynn Embroidery Guild.
This month Steve Pretty was talking and demonstrating
Braid and Cord Making.
He has an extensive collection of equipment for
making Braids, Cords and Narrow Wares,
(anything woven under 6").
We were in for a surprise when he handed out
packs of thread and a card hand loom for us all to use.
He showed us how to use it and we were away.
He divided us in two groups and one half had to
carry on braiding and the other half he showed us how to
make cords.
We had a really interesting evening,
Thank you Steve.
If you would like more information
visit The Braid Society at
Several of the members are Exhibiting at
The Kings Lynn Museum from the 2nd of July until
August 2011. It is worth a visit.
Visit our Guild Website to see what we get up to

Alpaca Farm Visit

After card class on Wednesday I went off to
Nikki's Alpaca Farm at
near Shipdam.
Nikki took me round the farm and introduced me to
many of the different Alpacas and a few Llamas.
We stood in one field and she called them in!!!
90 Alpacas and several Llamas came running towards
us at great speed!
As they got closer the brave ones in this case a little
brown female called 'Suki', stopped for a close up,
right next to the lens and then blew warm air in my ear!
Their version of a kiss.
She then needed to be fussed constantly on her neck
and followed us around.
Nikki is amazing with them.
Their eyes are so beautiful and gentle.
It was a lovely experience.
I was visiting because I am participating in
the Craft demonstrations using the Alpaca Wool.
I am Embellishing and visitors can have a go too.
The Open day is the 30th of July 2011.
11am until 4.30pm.
Visit the website for more information about
Alpacas and the events.
Visit the farms website for more information

Card Making with Floral Inspiration

Wednesday morning @The Gallery is Inspirational Card Making
with Kim. As I have rung her praises before, her knowledge and
equipment for card making and equipment is extensive.
Every week She inspires and by the end of the session we have
all created something we would never have thought
of before and every card is different.
Kims blog will be coming soon but to see more of
my cards visit
See more of

Friends of Dereham

On Tuesday evening Stewart and I went back to The Gallery
and had a wonderful evening with The Friends of Dereham.
Lots of organising was being done for
The 2012 Dereham Community Festival.
Jim pointed out all the events and the activities that were
underway but also those that needed support.
Of course I am on the Arts side, with the opening of
The Memorial, things are going to be fun and busy!
It was a lovely evening with friends, a musician and refreshments.
See more at

Mixed Media Machine Embroidered Tree

Pat has also finished and had framed one of her Mixed Media
machine Embroidered Trees.
Isn't it wonderful?
Pat has transferred her skills as a painter beautifully
into mixed media textiles.
See more of her textiles by clicking the written labels below.

Pink Crazy Patchwork Cushion

Well done, Brenda for finishing this beautiful pink inspired
crazy patchwork cushion for your Grand Daughter.
I encourage finishing of projects. It gives you a boost
and sense of achievement, especially when you can share.
There is a lot of creativity sharing @ The Gallery,
I think because of it's great atmosphere.
This will only increase with moving to the new venue at
The Memorial Hall, this, renovation, to Art and Community Centre,
is coming on well and should be completed by November.
We are all looking forward to the new location.
I am involved in The Memorial Quilt which is
going to hang in the Hall.
Visit the site and gain more info at

Scissor Cases

Well done, Sylvia and Barbara for finishing your
Scissor Cases, they look fantastic.
I am teaching this project regularly and they are all so
amazing and different.
If you use this idea please credit me with your inspiration!
I will be teaching this project at Knit Wits in Dereham,
in September.
See more scissor cases by clicking on the written label below.

Machine Stitches and Tips

With all the fun happening there is some serious creating too!
here Ann is machine quilting, notice her good posture.
TIPS: Always sit in a good chair with good support,
add a cushion where necessary.
Your machine should be in front of you an inch away from the edge
of the table and the needle directly in front of wear your nose
is looking.
Place your hands n a triangle shape around your needle,
this defines a quilting area.
From time to time stop and wiggle your shoulders up and down
and smile :), loosen your facial muscles too.
It is surprising what we tension when we are
Have regular breaks to relieve muscles and brain.
Open up the work and smooth out front and back,
re- pin or baste if necessary.
See more of my quilts and mixed textiles on my website

Gallery Day And A Bit Of Fun

Gallery Textile Tuesdays, are always fun and lots get done
and enjoyed by everyone.
Here, Jeanette and Pat took time out to look at the scraps.
Now someone else's scrap bag or in the Gallery's case
large metal box is always better than your own
and you find treasure!
Jeanette ended up wearing the red net!!
Lovely stole, Jeanette!
Lots of snippets were taken too!
The Gallery loves it when people bring in craft materials that
they no longer need as there are so many
clubs and events that need art materials.
See more of what goes on @ The Gallery at