Sunday, 2 October 2011

September Studio Day with Judith and Janice

On the 26th of September I had a lovely day in my Studio
with Judith and Janice.
Judith finished off the back of her 8ft by 6ft quilt,
as you can see it fills my quilt table.
We had fun using up every last scrap for the back!
it was almost like making another quilt!
Judith is also finishing off a baby quilt for a gift.
Janice finished putting the triangles together for
her silk quilt and then started putting the sashes around
the centre panel.
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Chernobyl Auction

Sunday 25th of September Stewart and I were
on Kitchen Duty at the Chernobyl Auction.
It happens every month to raise money for the
lorries to take supplies to the,
'Forgotten People of Chernobyl'.
John was back on the podium as Auctioneer
and it was lovely to see.
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the charity is about at

Painting The House

Saturday 24th of September we decided to paint
the front of the cottage. It is the only side of the house
that hasn't got any roses or clematis growing up it so
it is easy to do and it's the shortest side!
House painting isn't quite my idea of fun because of
all the prep work but the lemon yellow was
lovely and sun shiny!
Great in the winter to cheer you up when you
come home from work.
We have always liked the cottage because by
looking at the front you would never know
what is being created behind!!!!
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Christmas Easel Card Making

On Friday the 23rd of September ,
(as you can see I am a week behind posting due
to me not being tip top and the lovely things still
happening everyday!).
I went to Larna Crafts and Wool Shop in
Downham Market to have a card making workshop
with Elaine. We made an Easel Christmas Card.
My first Christmas Card of the year and I am
sure it will be one of many made!
It was a lovely morning and we all had lots
of fun with cutting, talking and 'GLITTER".
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Easel Card HERE
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