Friday, 2 April 2010

The Hungry Caterpilla

This is one of the new boards I have made to demonstrate the different techniques that can be used on the art boards. I have used lots of recyled elements and some of the new goodies!
As you can see it is based on one of my favourite stories I used to read to Jenn and at school.
The Hungry Caterpilla is cut out of a napkin and glued to card.
The flowers move and the ladybird goes up and down her leaf.
I will show you some of the others as I re- furbish them adding more elements of movement.
Children can be very keen critics about techniques
and they have to be do- able, really quickly.

Art Workshop Goodies

Look at these goodies! I brought them to help me with an artworkshop I am doing next week,as a Norfolk Community Artist.
It is an art morning for a children 5-11 year olds at a local village hall.
I have been making more artworks with moveable sections on them as demonstration pieces and improving art games from prevous sessions.

Textile Workbox

The Gallery Dereham is needing storage for all the textile threads, bobbins,needles,pins and scissors etc.
The thought was a piece of furniture that looks like a large textile workbox. This piece of furniture was in Stewart's studio. Stewart put a shelf and rail at the bottom, to allow workboxes to go underneath and put casters on the bottom so it can be moved around easily.
It now needs painting and "do a Jane on it", these were Judy's words!
So I will post as it goes through it's transformation!

Business Cards

I have had a really busy and interesting week.
I had to pick up another lot of business cards from Prontoprint in Kings Lynn on Wednesday.
I am still using the Blue Moon image as it has been so well recieved.
It was also The Embroidery Guild meeting.
The stitch challenge was announced. The stitches and rules for each stitch were all put in a bag and we had to pick them out by lucky dip. I got blanket stitch, random size in a circle.
We've got until May meeting to complete our square so they can all be put together for the Exhibition at the Museum.
See my website for the original artwork.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone.
From Quilters Cottage.