Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Catepilla's on Parade

These Hungry caterpilla's are on Parade ready for tomorrows workshop. I now have over 20 children attending, so have had to put together a lot more pack ups. This is the reason for all these cheeky caterpilla's. I have had such fun preparing the different theme boards.
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Carol's Quillo Together

Carol and I layered her Quillo together this morning and then Carol planned her squares for the Cushion to put on the back of the Quillo.
I gave Carol a lesson on Machine free-machining. She's hooked and I feel a new machine is coming into view for Carol's Birthday!!!
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Tuesday at The Gallery 6th April 2010

Pat is developing her mixed media techniques by making an Angel artwork for a special gift. She has also made a card out of the practice background papers and fabrics.This angel is really coming along well as you can see.
My residency at the Gallery is such a pleasure and you never know what sort of art people want to come and try.
I love the serendipity of the experience.
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Jenn Reading

We had a lovely Easter Sunday with the Family. We all descended on Grandma and Grandad in Brightlingsea for Easter Lunch.
Here Jenn is reading to her cousins, Aaron on the left and Lewis, who is Aaron's brother and Jenn's Godson. He thinks she's wonderful and is firmly attached!!!
The Mini's came in the Easter Eggs, they are really cool!
See Jenn's website for what she gets up too!

Undercoat for The Settle

First undercoat painted on the prepared settle. I think I am going to keep it white because I have bright and colourful patchwork cushions in mind. I have brought a new seat foam pad and I think that will go patchwork too!
A total revamp.
Keep visiting to see the patchwork additions to my favourite conservatory seat.

Preparation Saturday

Spring is really here at Quilters Cottage because not only are we tidying the garden but this is is what we do on a rainy Saturday morning ! Sand and clean down the Settle from the conservatory ready for painting.

This photograph was taken in Stewart's Studio. This studio overlooks the Monk's Secret Garden. It is a 30 foot by 12 foot log cabin which was originally mine until I moved into my new one near the house last year.

Is'nt he tidy?!!!!!!!