Sunday, 11 April 2010

The View Out of Skyspace Houghton Hall

This was the view up through the open roof of ths contemporary art space by James Turrel.
Blue Sky, today!
It was a beautiful day in Norfolk as you can see by the blue sky and the wispy clouds!
I laid on the floor and watched the sky go by,
every picture was different!
We only visited the garden today
but will return to see Houghton Hall and Garden in full bloom,
in the Summer.
Stewart and I had a lovely lunch in their restaurant and throughly enjoyed our visit.
The visit has given both of us lots of inspiration!

In the Gardens there are many more sculptures including this on of
"The Fire Fountain".

Stewart inside Skyspace

This is Stewart looking up through the roof of 'Skyspace'.
The wooden seats around this contemporary space made a closed and secure enviroment.
Definitly effective!

Skyspace Houghton Hall

I loved this Contemporary Art space by James Turrel.
It is a wooden observatory in it's own woodland area.
The ramp leading up to it does not give away the contemplative space within,
until you push open the wooden doors!
We have a tree house in our garden that needs renovating and I can see inspiration from this artwork permeating into my head!
Watch this blog!

Full Moon Circle, Houghton Hall

This art work is by Richard Long.
It is on the long landscape vista approach to the house.
Stewart is stood beside it so you can see the expanse of it.
( The house is behind Stewart).
The large slabs of slate are laid in a rotatinal formation and makes it look like it is moving.
As you know I like inspiration based on The Moon.
I have used slate in our garden around sculptures, to emulate movement.

Scolars Rock, Houghton Hall

This huge stainless steel sculpture is by artist, Zhan Wang.
It dominates the area and looks so solid but in fact when you tap on it, it is hollow, very clever!

Waterflame, Houghton Hall

'Waterflame' a sculpture by Jeppe Hein was so impressive.
It combines water and fire.
Stewart being an ex-fireman just had to take this photograph,
well many actually and we stood there quite some time watching and listening.
The sculpture in the background is of a heron!

Partarre Garden Houghton Hall

If you follow my blog you will know we have our
own partarre garden at Quilters Cottage
with sculpture but this one is spectactular!
It has an unusual rock fountain in it's centre and the privet hedges are just wonderful.
See March post 'Out in The Garden' to view a section of our partarre.

Houghton Hall Visit

It is the start of our Spring, Summer, garden and art events visits for Stewart and myself.
We started it off by visiting Houghton Hall near Kings Lynn.
It is an award winning garden,sculpture and deer park in the grounds of the Palladian Mansion built by
Sir Robert Walpole, Britains first Prime Minister.
Very appropriate with the election being date being issued this week!