Monday, 9 May 2011

Weeting Quilt Group

Today was The Weeting Quilt Group Meeting.
It was a really busy one with Chris showing everyone
how to put together the strips for the "Jelly Rolls".
I was on cutting the first part of the morning,
cutting strips 4.5 " by however long the scraps of material was.
You just make sure you square off the ends.
Sue was on ironing and most of the group was on sewing
the strips together.
By lunch time we all needed a break and
everyone had a good chat. Ida and
some of the new quilters were advised
on sewing machines and how to choose fabric
for The Sampler Quilt, the first block begins
for them next month.
I admit, I have an unfinished Sampler Quilt Blocks among
my stash so I think I ought to get mine out and
finish it. This is always a good way
of finishing those UFO's!!! Join in!
After lunch, it was back to putting the long
Jelly Roll strips together the length of the wadding
and fleece backing fabrics.
Three quilts were put together ready for quilting
or tying.
I photographed the growing number of quilts
coming in for Chernobyl.
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