Friday, 9 December 2011

Stars in the Making

Here are Stars being made @The Gallery sessions after
I showed mine as inspiration, shared the patterns and how to make
them. I love to see the individual interpretation of colours
and designs.
See my Christmas Lace Star

Students Victorian Favours

These are some of the lace Christmas, Victorian inspired
They are just wonderful.
Well done everyone.
See my Victorian Lace Favour

One Students Work

Over the last few weeks Maurie has been finishing
lots of things off as well as being inspired
each week to make the things that
I bring along to inspire and make.
I love the mixture of items and they are so well made.
See more by clicking on the written labels below.
See my Candy Canes

Gallery Tuesday 6th December 2011

Lots of finishing off this week @ The Gallery Sessions as
it is the last ones before we move into the new Gallery.

Christmas Lace Star


(click on photo to enlarge)
On Monday when I got back from town I put the
finishing touches to my Lace Textured Star.
It is made with lots of recycled lace and fabrics,
as well as some of the trimmings I brought on the
previous Saturday.
See more Christmas Items by clicking on the
written labels below.

Business Cards

Monday morning I had to pick up another 200
of my business cards from Pronto Print in
Kings Lynn. Jenny really does a good print job,
reproducing my artworks true to their colours.
There is always good fun going on in the office too.

Celebration Quilt Dedication

Here is The Celebration Quilt Finished!
All the blocks made by the wonderful people and groups of Dereham.
From my studio table putting all the blocks together,
to the finished Quilt and the Dedication of it on the Opening
of The War Memorial Hall on the
Sunday the 4th of December.
It is in the Foyer of The Gallery for all to see.
It makes you smile:)

Shopping With Jenn

Jenn moved out last week end to be a live in Personal Assistant
at a Bed and Breakfast, as well as keeping her day job!
Visit the Bed and Breakfast at Oxbrough.
We now make Saturday
mornings as our Shopping and time to catch up with one another.
Above, are some of the pieces that I brought to
continue my Architectural piece and work that I want to
start after Christmas.

Haul Arrives in the Post

On Saturday I received my Haul from the internet shopping
I had done earlier in the week from,
I am always thinking of new ideas and projects,
several months ahead.
These stamps and papers I want to use for first
draft ideas for art pieces based on Dress Forms and
The Circus.
I have just started reading the book written by
Erin Mergenstern,
'The Night Circus'.
See a clip and interviews on my tech site

Work made at Yvonne's Workshop

Here are the beginings and some of the finished tiles.
I always take my workshop inspiration into ideas
that I am working on and develop them personally.
We initially drew our chosen designs onto
light weight vylene or Stitch and Tear.
This is placed on the back and the felt is placed
on the front, coloured side up.
You then free machine around the design.
The next step is to burn away the excess felt with
the soldering iron. Then using a heat gun
melt away certain areas to make the piece look old.
I then used inks and paints to add details with
stencils and stamps.
Thank you Yvonne for such a lovely day.
See Yvonne's Studio

Yvonne Brown's Studio

On December the 2nd five of us were able to have a workshop
day in Yvonne Brown's studio,
'Woods End'.
We were learning her,
'Tile' Technique, which is from her book
' Tex-tiles and other techniques'.
Yvonne showed us lots of her different work
as inspiration.
It was a lovely day and we all learnt lots.
See Yvonne' website

Irene's Christmas

On the way home from Knit Wits I popped in on Irene.
Iren decorates her home because she loves Christmas
and for her Grand Children.
She had invited me to see her Christmas Decorations.
OOO I was like a little kid again from the outside of
Irene's home and through the door it was like
walking into a Christmas wonderland.
I felt inspired and enlivened, it was a wonderful
With four different types of decorated Christmas Tree
and scenes around the house it was wow!
Irene's dog and cats were so friendly and unique
characters making me feel so welcome.
Thank you so much Irene for such a
lovely Christmas feeling.

Knit Wits Class, Christmas Runners

Christmas Runners and Quilts are being made
frantically now as it gets closer to Christmas and
this was my last teaching session until the New Year
at Knit Wits.
See more by clicking on the written labels below.

KNit Wits Class, Quilts

As most people know I love recycling and these students
quilts show it at it's best.
The top one, Adventure Hero's started off from the scraps
of boys bedroom curtains!
They have been cut into blocks and then assembled.
It was supposed to be a quillo but in the excitement of making
became a single bed quilt which it's new owner
just adores!
The Nine blocks are made from recycled fabrics
that a grandmother has made and kept. They have now been
divided into 4 (4 grand daughters).
Each quilt has the same patterning with a blue or yellow
square in each corner.
Borders on all 4 will look stunning and what a
special sentiment and connection.
Warms the cockles of your heart!

Knit Wits Class, Cushions

Students are really enjoying making cushions now and
I love the variety of colour and fabric combinations.
See more cushions
See my cushions
See more by clicking on the written labels below.