Monday, 13 September 2010

Cooking at Sandringham

Walking round and round is all very well.
Stewart and I sat in one of the many demonstration marques.
This one was The Country Kitchen.
With the TV chef Alan Coxon.
He combines cooking with history of the origins of ingredients.
Ray a member of the audience helped out
and did really well.
Spinning sugar and presenting.
Visit Alan's website for ideas and recipes
and a video

Traction Engines

I am inspired by so many things.
These traction engines remind you
of a more sedate time but also
marvel at their restoration and dedication of their owners.
This ring had had the horses and their carriages
just minutes before.

Stewart and the Hawk

As you go into the show, you can hear the noise of the commentators telling you
what is going on in the different rings
and the hum of steam engines and
This is Stewart stood next to one of the chainsaw
scuptures, amazing.
Stewart is 6ft 4"!

Barney The Owl

Stewart and I just love visiting all the different marques
with the different exhibits, crafts, birds and ferrets.
The birds go into the show ring and fly free.
Some were delightful because they really did fly and ignored their
handlers, coming back when they wanted to!
This owl loved his handler and cooed and flaped his wings
when she whispered to him.

Sandringham Country Show

A day at Sandringham Country Fair.
Wonderful so much to see and enjoy.

My Birthday

September the 11th is my birthday.
I got up early and went to the studio to play,
my time.
Jenn came in at 8am with a handful of cards, presents and
chocolate croisants and a mug of tea.
ooo I did feel loved!
This was a small selection and I now have a Meercat!
With the sun trying to shine we were off out for the day.
Than you to all who sent me lovely messages.
Special thoughts around the world this day too!

Norfolk Lavender

With finishing the top of the Seaside Single Quilt
I realised I hadn't got any backing fabric,
large enough or even vaguely nautical.
So how nice a trip to Hunstanton and
Sian's fabric shop. Twice in the same month
very unlike me. I normally go about once every three!
Well i found the backing and brought enough
wadding to make enough quilts for a whole exhibition.
On the way home we stopped into 'Norfolk Lavender'
for a cup of tea and a wander round,
it always smells wonderful.
The farm shop is such an inspiration for cooking.
have a look at their website
you can almost smell the lavender where ever you are in the world.

Wednesday Quilting

On Wednesday, I decided I needed a colour change from the bright
coloured Animal Quilt colection I have been making.
The inspiration came from my love of the sea.
Lots of sand and stripes!
This is a Single Quilt size.
The large squares are 11"
See more quilts I have made on my page portfolio on

Angie's Button Necklace

Angie dropped in on her lunch hour.
She normally comes along for some creative time,
but this lunch hour she was on a flying visit and
gave me a button necklace.
I had admired a button necklace she was wearing
and asked if she could make me a blue one.
Well, here it is.
Thank you Angie and I really love it.