Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Curtain Remake

Syliva finished her first patchwork quilt and
can now announce she has a new Great Grand Daughter!
Syliva wanted to make cushions for her dinning room
chairs and wanted to use the extra curtains she had
and any fabric we had in the Gallery tub.
She made a paper pattern and the made patchwork.
Also adding some ties to keep the cushions on the
chairs. She has made four of them and they
brighten up the room and feel nice to sit on!
Tailor made!
Syliva this week made an Art tidy,
from some more of the curtaining and lining
fabric. A real make over!
and really useful.
I think we are all looking again at what we can create
out of what we have!
See lots of this on my website

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