Sunday, 7 August 2011

Machine Embroidered Leaves Nearly Finshed

Jeanette is now adding the last pieces and finishing touches to
her textile wall hanging.
It is a wonderful piece of work with so much detail.
Every leaf is different!
Well done Jeanette!
Click to enlarge.
See more of this wall hanging by
clicking on the written labels below.

Fantasy Trees Textile Wall Hanging

Pat has been working on this wall hanging on and
off between other projects since the beginning of
the year. There are so many different
textile layering techniques.
Pat started off with a white piece of calico and
a tree design which she had drawn in an Art Class.
Each tree is individual and is covered in detailed
artwork and stitch.
Pat made her label and stitched it on.
Well done Pat!
I have never seen anything like this anywhere.
and we all love unique!
To see more of the construction of Pat's
Wall Hanging, click on the written labels below
this post.

Crazy Work Heart Cushion

Barbara has nearly finished her Crazy Patchwork
Cushion she is making for a gift for her
Aunt and Uncle' s 60th Wedding Anniversary.
The cording and beading are going on the edge
as this photo was being taken!
See more crazy patchwork by clicking on the
written labels below this post.

Wet Felting Demo

This is the piece of wet felting
I produced as a demonstration piece at
The Alpaca Farm Open Day.
It is now ready to be embellished
and stitched.
See more of my embellished pieces
on my website

Demonstrating Felting and Carding

I was demonstrating feltmaking all day and Stewart
was using a drum carder all day!
There was so much interest.
He was carding and showing the difference between
sheeps' wool and Alpaca.
We had tubs of the different types of wools
to show the difference and my
mini exhibition showed how the wools felt
in different ways, wet and dry methods.
It was a wonderful day.
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My Stand at The Alpaca Farm Open Day

Last Sunday Stewart and I was at The
Alpaca Farm at Cranworth, Norfolk for their Open Day.
I was there demonstrating wet and dry felting.
I had a great Stand area where I was
able to se up a display of felt work,
a wet felting area and an embellisher area.
We had two embellisher machines, which were
felting away all day with the felting public
and in between Stewart was carding and I was
layering up wool to make a piece of wet felt
and showing the process in the afternoon.
It was a wonderful day and
Thank you to all who visited and Nikki, her
family and friends who made us so welcome.
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