Sunday, 27 November 2011

Architecture Inspiration

On Friday 18th Stewart and I should have started my
Mum's kitchen. We are taking out the old kitchen, decorating
putting in a new cooker, and units.
Sadly Stewart had to work so we are doing it over the weekend instead.
I worked in the studio continuing with my sculpture.
It is for the Opening of the the new Gallery.
Here, is one of the samples I made to fill one of the gaps
bases on Venetian Arches.
It is over 6 feet tall so there is a lot of surfaces to consider.
See some more Venetian inspiration by seeing
videos I have posted on my tech site.

Will's Quilt

I have been working on several commissions over the last
few months and Will's Quilt has been one of them.
I enjoyed working with these colours and block patterns.
Friday 18th I wrapped and posted it off.
Hope Will likes it?
See more of my quilts on my website

Knit Wits P&Q Class November 17th 2011 Christmas Runners

In October I began showing different patterns for Christmas Runners.
Here are some of the runners that are being made by students.
Even though they are using the same patterns every one of
them is different.
See more Christmas items by clicking on the written labels

Knit Wits P&Q Class November 17th 2011

Every Thursday I teach Patchwork and Quilting Classes at
Knit Wits in Dereham.
I have been teaching there since September and students are making all
sots of items and learning new techniques each week.
See my workshop list above.
The top photo is a sewing machine mat made by Ros.
They are so good to make because you can stabilize your
sewing machine on your table. Stop any marks created by sewing
machine feet and it is easy to push it out of the way because it
glides across the surface.
Gracie has been making four cushions from panels of Shire Horses.
See more of what is available at Knit Wits

Textile Tuesday Hat Making

As you have gathered Textile Tuesdays are always creative and I love
inspiring people to create what they are wanting
to bring into the world.
Sophie is a 6th Former and one of her art projects on textiles is
costume and accessories. Sophie has been inspired by
the Period Dramas and 1940s/50s fashion.
Her sketchbook is really inspirational.
Well done Sophie!
So, with some playing around with a CD, curtain velvet,
feathers, a button and with the addition of some beading and stitching.
The little blue hat/ fascinator came about.
It sits well on a lady's head and is going to really look something
going down the catwalk.
See a video on how to make a fascinator on my
tech site

Textile Tuesday at The gallery 15th November

In the Textile Tuesday Classes their is so many wonderful
things being created. I think it is so fantastic when
a bag full of mixed fabrics, trimmings and a few ideas
mixed with different techniques and the care of a maker
create a piece of fantasy that has not been around before.
The journey and sharing is wonderful for all in the class.
Above, Jeanette has nearly finished her
'Purple Houses' and Sara has nearly finished
her 'Pink Embellished Wall Hanging'.
Truly inspirational!
See more by clicking the written or picture labels below.

Weeting Christmas Baubles Meeting

On Monday the 14th of November, we had our
Weeting Quilters meeting. It was the last one before
Christmas. We made Christmas Baubles under
the tuition of Sue. She had brought in all the
shiny and sparkly materials and trimmings for
us to use. It was a lovely morning as you can
see by the photo of the finished baubles above, we
all had fun. Mine, is the Brown and Gold one in the
centre of the picture. I feel it is very influenced
by the architectural work I am doing at the moment.
See a video on how to make a fantastic
Christmas Bauble on my tech site
See more of Weeting Quilters

Ely Beads

On the way home from St Ives I called into Ely
and went into my favourite shops. I have a soft
spot for Ely because it is where I trained as a nurse
and I met and courted my husband there.
I first went into Ely Beads.
I love this bead shop it's like being in a sweet shop!
I collected together a mixed bag of beads ready to add
to my new piece of work based on Architecture and decay
of buildings.
The orange bead is for another fun 3D piece
I have in mind!!!
I love their inspiration wall in the Beading Workshop Area.
Vist their yummy site
I also went to Ely Bike Centre which has
one of the largest haberdashery and fabric
selection in the area.
I am needing sheers, satins and lace for my
new work.
Visit the shop

City and Guilds Event

On the 11th of November I went to a City and Guilds
Open Event at St Ives (Cambridgeshire)
because I am considering becoming
a centre for offering certificates in the Creative Textiles Field.
I had a very informative day and I am definitely qualified and
so I am going to go through the process.
It is so exciting, finally I may be able to offer certificates
for Embroidery, Patchwork and Quilting and Creative Textiles.
I am looking into offering 30 hour courses as well as the longer
City and Guilds full certificates.
So watch this space!
See the City and Guilds site

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Quillo in Four Sessions

Being able to teach Textile Classes that people can sign up to
when they want is a real bonus because I get to meet
some lovely and unique people.
Gill is one of those ladies.
She was in Norfolk for a month looking after her Mum
and on some time for herself signed up for
four Sessions at Knit Wits to learn Patchwork and Quilting.
Gill had done nothing like this before and wanted
to dive straight in when I showed her the Quillo.
( A Quilt that folds into a cushion or pillow,
hence the name "Qui lo").
So over the four sessions and homework!
you can see what she achieved above.
Everyone took to Gill and I am sure she will be popping in
when she is visiting her Mum in Norfolk again.
Well done Gill!
See more of my quilts on my website

Union Jack Cushions

Its funny how things go in trends and certain things come
back into fashion.
Here two students made Union Jack Cushions
in completely different colours and in different ways.
I designed the pattern from a tiny picture
that Jenny had brought in with fabric her husband
had chose!
They turned out fantastic!
See more cushions by clicking on the labels below.

Thursday Quilting Class at Knit Wits 10th Nov 2011

I can't believe two weeks have passed and I haven't had the chance
of blogging and showing all the wonderful creativity that
has been going on. So here goes,
Classes at Knit Wits of Dereham are full until the New Year!
More and more beautiful Striped Crazywork Cushions are being
made like the one above.
To see more what goes on at these classes,
click on 'Knit Wits' in the written labels below.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Finished Folded Christmas Card

I really enjoyed making this Tri Fold Christmas Card
but hadn't estimated the amount of surfaces you
have to cover!
I used my Tim Holtz Blending tool and inks a lot
in this card, to age the card and papers.
Some of the stickers and pictures I have
had in my stash and not known what to use
them on.
The tag turned out really well and I
will probably make more of those.
See more of my card making on
my card blog

Lace Folded Purse Makes

I always try and show different inspiration each week
and this week I was inspired by some lace Irene had
given me and some beautiful upholstery fabric I had been
I had seen on You Tube a video put on by a lovely
Australian lady and I made mine but with
alterations and some tweaks in the method.
As you can see the Textile Class had a great time
and it opened everyones mind boxes with
the origami!!!
See my lace purse HERE
and the You Tube Video HERE
See more of my Vintage Lace Work on
my website portfolio

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Gothic Start

Jeanette is collecting textiles and items together
to start a new piece based on Gothic Inspiration
and Whitby.
She is using the textile arch she used in her previous
work as a starting point. and combining transfer images too!
See Gosford Park HERE
and see here Garden Page HERE

Purple Houses

Jeanette is continuing to work on this textile piece.
It is a continuation of the work based on her
green box and Window pieces.
It is built up of layers of fabric and sheers on felt.
Every small square and triangle is
decorated with stitch lace and beads.
To see how she begins,
see Jeanette's green textile box and how it started

Pats Finished Transfer Cushions

(Click on photos to enlarge).
Pat's Cushions are finished and they are beautiful!
They are made using different ways of
transferring images on fabric and textile techniques.
See how they started

Marie's Patchwork Quilt Blocks

Marie has been working away on her blocks for this
quilt for several weeks @The Gallery.
This week was the first time she had laid them out
on a table to see what they look like.
More rows are to be added but it looks
fantastic so far.
The small squares are all different browns and subtle plum.
See more of my quilts by visiting
my website

Sketchbook Pages

Sara has been coming to the Textile Tuesdays since
September and she is preparing herself for
a Fashion an Textiles Course which she hopes to start next year.
You have to show that you can prepare work,
designs and sketchbooks,
before going on the course.
Here Sara is adding more layers of print, papers, textiles
and layers to her sketchbook pages.
See more of her finished pieces
Good Luck Sara!

Barbara Bag Making

Barbara has been making several bags over the
last few months and we all liked this one.
See showed it off with style!
It is getting very dark in The Gallery as Winter
creeps in. We are all looking forward to the move
and the new Workshop area with all its natural light
and art purpose lighting!
See more of Barbara's wonderful Bags
See her India Inspired Wall Hanging
See my India Inspired Wall Hangings and Sketch Book
on my website

Gallery Tuesday 8th November 2011

As you know I teach ' Textile Tuesday',
most weeks @ The Gallery Dereham.
Every week there is so many lovely things being created and
Above are two drawstring bags made by
Sylvia and Beryl, Well done!
They too! need to put their mugs in to go to meetings.
See my Mug Drawstring Bag which inspired these
See more by clicking on the written labels below
or going to the Gallery website

Coven Quilters

Once a month I meet up with a group of
dear friends at Kate and Paddy's house to Quilt and Share.
We are lucky each month we meet we have a
Birthday to or special occasion to celebrate.
This month it was Liz's Birthday and she blew out the
candles in true tradition.
We 'Show and Telled' all evening, laughed as usual
until our sides hurt,
but also did some serious quilting and knitting!
Joan above is hand quilting using a quilting hoop.
Its always lovely to see people enjoying sharing
and creating!
See more of our evenings by clicking the
written labels below

Make It Monday at Knit Wits

Once a month on the first Monday of the month
I have been teaching a session at knit Wits,
where students can come along and finish
work or start new projects.
This week there was a mixture of both
with a baby quilt, (middle photo) being completed
with quilting and bias binding.
A Christmas runner continued and a Quillo
put together ready for its borders.
See more of what is being made by students
by clicking on the written labels below.

Batiks and Beads

I also loved the stall of Maryke Philips at Chilford.
She has a wonderful range of dyed silks, batiks and
patterns to make unusual wall hangings and bags.
Above, is a picture of her stitch book which
I just loved and she allowed us to turn and devour the pages
with our eyes!
I have a sample stitch book/ file that I made
when I did my City and Guilds. I would like
to make one like this though with all the lovely
threads and fabrics which are around now.
This week I took it along on 'Textile Tuesday',
to show the groups and it reminded me of
what I had learnt and still use.
See Maryke site and see her work

Monkey Buttons Bags

Amanda from Monkey Buttons always has a fantastic stall.
Sorry about the shake I was laughing as usual!
Amanda told me she had now designed and
published 100 patterns for bags, quilts and runners.
Well done! Amanda.
We were lucky at Alveva Quilters to have
Amanda come along and do a talk and workshop
a couple of years ago.
She does mail order too!
in her busy schedule.
See her bags and website at