Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Blue and White China Inspiration

I love Blue and White China and have a Welsh Dresser in my kitchen
full of all different types. I especially like Spode and
The Willow Pattern China.
In the afternoon after the card class had finished
I played around with this blue and white combination.
Kim showed us how to mask sections of our stamps,
you can see, by this card, a vase behind a vase.
When I got home I researched a little more into The Willow Pattern
and here are two videos that I really liked.
The first tells the Legend of The Willow Pattern
and the second is a quick animation.
If you would like to see a really inspiring Chinese Puppet animation
interpreting the Legend almost true to the actual story.
Click my tech site

Card making with Chinese Inspiration

On Wednesday morning Kim brought in some Chinese stamps for
us to be inspired by. Using printing,card and the newly learnt
bleach techniques, we were experimenting!
The card directly above is one of Kim's for inspiration.
She embossed printed the fans and then
using concentrated bleach and a fine paint brush
painted the fan middles, as you can see
it removed certain areas of the red card.
Kim then used chalks and ink and printing
to finish the card.
I used the beach on the Peony petals to remove the
red card colour.
I would make the card slightly larger next time
to give the writing some room between the flowers.
I really enjoyed this colour combination.
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on my website