Thursday, 30 August 2012

Patchwork and Quilting Class

Thursday at Knitwits is Patchwork and Quilting Day. There are two sessions and there is different inspiration each month and session. Ann finished her amazing red strip block wall hanging. There is a lot of stitch and embellishing on it. A real work of art. This week I also demonstrate how to make yo yo flowers. Classes start again in September. Seethe session list  HERE 

Gallery Day

After open studios I taught the Mixed Media Tuesday. Being back at the gallery seemed strange after being in my studio for two weeks. Lots were being created as you can see by some of the projects above.
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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Working in the Studio

I worked in the studio solidly for two weeks during Norfolk Open Studios presenting demonstrations and enjoyed all the visitors that came. Over a hundred visitors in the two weeks so that was wonderful. Thank you to everyone!
See how the studio was set out in Welcome to my Studio HERE
A very long list of those who want to come and have studio sessions in August and September.
I closed the door took in the signs, for a while anyway and on the Monday I was working in the studio again, Jenn took a photograph as she said it looked so colourful and it is now my Studio page on my website
I have started to dismantle some of the displays as they are a distraction and new work needs to be created.


Aren't these beads yummy I am in the process of working on a new piece of work which has lots of beads and stitch on it and on the last day of Open Studios Chrystal and her mum cam to visit me and she makes beads and runs her own bead shop in near Necton in Norfolk. We had a really good chat and we are going to swap skills one day. Her website is a wonderful bead sweet shop and I am going over there shortly to pick up some treasure. Visit her website HERE 

Printing Blocks

I have been using different forms of printing in my work for many years and really enjoy making my own stamps, stencils and blocks. Stewart had made me some of the wooden blocks and throughout Open Studios these had been selling. One morning while demonstrating printing an idea for a printing project involving multiple blocks and wouldn't it be nice if they were in their own tray, like the old printers used to have. We had received a tray with mixed fruit and nuts for Christmas and I had saved it thinking it would come in for beads. I asked Stewart if he could make block stamps for each compartment thinking that was simple. He said yes but soon came back saying'Would you like a cup of tea?" I thought this was strange so soon after taking the tray so asked, "What's wrong?" "Do you know that everyone one of those compartments is a different size and some aren't completely square or rectangle!?" ooo but as you can see several hours later he did come back and I have had to punch stamp numbers on them so they go back in their own compartment! What a beautiful set it has turned out to be, all ready for me to design the stamps on the other side.
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Fabric Dyeing

During Open Studios i demonstrated a different technique everyday and on one of the sunny days I demonstrated using different types of dyes, Procion and Dylon. I did this in a sandwich box and trays show how you can get gradients of colours and have a good dye texture pattern. I also discussed the colourwheel due to the close colour mixing. As you can see by the clothes dryer at the end of the day, I have a good stash of newly dyed fabrics.
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Coven Quilters

With being at home in the studio all day it's nice to get out in the evening! Two nights on the trot no less! It was our monthly Coven meeting and as usual there was lots to share and show.  The top photograph is Barbara's door curtain, inspired by seeing mine in the cottage and studio and a picture of one in Kaffe Fasset Patchwork Book. Lots of cot quilts this month. Kate told us of her adventures at a Buckingham Palace Garden Party which she had attended the week before and Joan wowed us with her Jubilee Quilt, just in time for The Jubilee weekend celebrations.
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Silk Painting with Rose Martin

Rose Martin came along to The Kings Lynn Embroiderer's Guild and spoke to us, showed some of her work and gave us a demo on silk painting. As she talked about her work she passed around her silk pieces and they were wonderful to touch and were very artistically done. When she came to the demo she got straight on in there and helped many of us dismiss the apprehension of drawing straight onto fabric. She had a lovely way. Due to time she showed us also how to cover up the ultimate mistakes when silk paints decide to jump a gutter barrier and reminded us of our colour wheel options too.
A wonderful re-introduction to silk painting for us.
Rose also opens her studio to the public click HERE to see.

Tuesday Girls Visit to the Studio

Some of my students who attend the Tuesday Mixed Media Classes @The Gallery Dereham came along to visit me in my studio. What a day we had! I did find it funny seven in the studio at a time but five seemed to always in my store room area, how they all got in there I don't know but the photograph proves it, it begs the question. "How many students can you get in Jane's studio?".
We had a lovely lunch on the veranda and they all wandered around the garden.
Helen was kind enough to make some scrapbook pages of the day. You can click on these photographs to enlarge to really see the giggles and comments.
To see more of my studio on a previous post click HERE
To see more of Quilters Cottage Garden click HERE 

Open Studio Open Garden

With visitors looking around my studio they also like to look around our three quarters of an acre garden. Stewart and I had managed to do a little tidying up in between the rain and the rain and the rain. But when the sun did shine the garden looked great. To see more of Quilters Cottage Garden click HERE and visit my portfolio website. 

Dragon Skin Technique

Day two I demonstrated how to make 'Dragon Skin' as it is affectional known as.
Ironing different plastics between baking parchment and then colouring it with 
oil pastels,acrylic paints and Angelina Fibres.
Some of my students came to the studio and brought their husbands too! 
So, three generations inside looking at the work in the studio and the gentlemen enjoying the veranda in the garden. All were more than happy as you can see.
See some of the mixed media cards that I have made with the Dragon Skin HERE
and see more of my card making on my card blog HERE

Working on the Veranda

Everyday of Open Studios I demonstrated a different technique and often worked on the veranda. Judy was my first visitor to the studio twenty minutes after it opened and after a look round got straight in there and made some muslin paper as she had admired the demo postcards on the table. We had fun sticking and gluing. It was such a hot day within the hour her muslin paper had dried on the patio area. I am so lucky to have such a lovely area to work in and it is great sharing it with visitors and students.
See more of my studio and work on my website

Card Making for Open Studios

I make lots of items throughout the year to demonstrate for my classes and also to sell. These are some of the cards I have made using melted plastics and various other mixed media techniques. To see more of my card making visit my card making blog HERE

Welcome to my studio

I must admit I crammed a lot of colour in the studio this year!
The studio is not normally as full as this but for Open Studios I dress it in Quilts and Textiles and because it is a working studio all my work areas have the materials and tools ready to demonstrate techniques. Each day I demonstrate a different technique and I have cards detailing how to do it. These are available to buy. I have a list for those who want classes in my studio and in other venues so visitors can sign up to them if they wish. Also on exhibit were the City and Guilds Stitchbooks, a wonderful addition. I Open my studio to students from the end of July. They are day sessions and you can specialise in the techniques you wish to learn or have a taster day of several. See more of my studio,cottage and garden by visiting my website