Monday, 10 October 2011

Jimmys Farm Visit October 2011

Stewart and I travelled down to Mum and Dad's
in Essex for Nicole's Christening
and stopped in on Jimmy's Farm,
for a look in, to see what had changed and also visit the
Barn Restaurant. It's lovely in there so much
atmosphere and great food.
I had the best Cheese and Pickle,
'Doorstop Sandwich with side salad and
Stewart had Rare Breed Pork Sandwich,
both on homemade Granary Bread.
Delicious !!!
It was also great to see Jimmy sat in the corner
working and having a pot of tea.
The view from the Restaurant overlooks the
Herb Garden and Shop.
We walked around the gardens and saw the
Rare Breeds and the new Turkey Sheds.
The turkeys looked amazing but we all
know why they are there!!
orders are being taken for Christmas Now.
We went into the shop and looked for the pickle
I had had in my sandwich but sadly
they didn't have any of the shallot pickle left,
obviously others had had the same thought!
Outside in what was the old shop it is now
a classroom and meeting room.
A Birthday Party had been going on and we witnessed
the group lining up to go for a tour around the
What a wonderful idea for a party and
different too!
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Knit Wits Evening and Day Class

On the first Wednesday I teach an Evening Class
at Knit Wits from 7pm until 9pm.
It was really a productive and happy class.
One new quilt on the go, a Christmas Wall hanging
the red, black and yellow patches coming together
well, for a single quilt and bags and patches
being made.
On the Thursday I teach all day at
Knit Wits. It was blocks and projects this week
and everyone seemed to have a good time and finished
pieces and started new projects.
it is such a lovely atmosphere and the fabrics department
is getting like a sweet shop for choice and
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Card Making Wednesday October 5th 2011

On Wednesday Kim brought in Embossing Boards
for us to try and I needed to make a card for
nicole's Christening.
I wanted to make a card with the 'N',
similar to the Cushion and Quilt we had
made as the Christening Gifts.
We learnt lots of techniques as usual
and as you can see I made a 'N' card!
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Jeanette's Green Box Taking Shape

As you can see, Jeanette's Green Treasure Box has
taken shape and she is now putting the finishing
touches to the base.
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