Friday, 22 February 2013

Ros's Quilt

Ros is making this quilt to take out to her
 home in Cyprus.
It is so fresh and crisp it will look great on a king size bed.

More Dorset Buttons

More Dorset Buttons are being made each week and
they are getting bigger and more ornate. 
These ones were made by Bev.
Lots of beading and sequins are being added,
I wonder who is influencing the BLING!
( me, never!).
HERE is a good article for making a Dorset Button,
if you haven't tried yet.
I stitch using the stitches of the blanket stitch inside the
hoop ( blanket stitch then twist the stitches on the 
hoop into the middle).
 Rather than wrapping the spokes it still
gives you great effect all the same but you need to wrap tightly.
Enjoy having a go.

Button Sampling

At City and Guilds some of the samples need to include using the
machine feet and attachments. I encourage students to 
use the buttonhole foot and try some of the machines 
pre-set button hole shapes. 
Sara also tried different size buttons on her sample 
to really learn how to use her machine.
Other fastenings are being added.
its well worth experimenting and stretching yourself
so you learn new things with your machine,
or return to those techniques you aren't sure of.

Bead and Button Making

This month at classes I have been teaching all about 
Circles, Beads and Buttons and as you can 
see by the above pictures some have had a real
play and made them out of unusual materials.
Just by wrapping a long triangle piece of fabric around a 
knitting needle and securing it with thread or wire.
You can then heat gun it or use a soldering iron.
(Remember to be careful!).
Layers of sheers and man made fabrics work really well.
When cool slip them off and you can use as embellishments
 on your work.
Add paint foils and powders to really get effects.
See more in previous posts and I am sure there will be more to come.

Moda Sampler Quilt

Jenny has been making the Sampler blocks week by week.
The quilt is for her Grand Daughter. 
She chose a Moda Jelly Roll to make the blocks from
and chose a cream sashing to highlight each block.
I love using Jelly Rolls and Charm Packs as you have all the fabric you need
to make some spectacular quilts.

Patchwork Bag

Helen saw this bag pattern called "Autumn Days" in 
the Popular Patchwork magazine.
It was designed by Sara Jaskiewicz and Sadie Yeomans.
Helen liked the look of it and decided she would make it with
a charm pack of fabric she had been stashing! 
She found the instructions quite clear and as you can see 
by her bag it turned out well.
Instructions are always a bug bear and it is often making an item
and sharing it you decipher what they mean and
 what alterations you would make next time.
I often have to translate patterns because they are not as clear as we 
would wish.
I went out a purchased the magazine as I liked the bag shape too!
Working my way through my bag as I blog.
Will show you the results shortly, with my alterations.
If you would like to visit Popular Patchwork's website
click HERE

Textures With The Soldering Iron and Stitch

As some of you know who follow Quilters Cottage Norfolk
and the classes we have been doing a lot of 
layered work, using different fabrics, stitch and the 
soldering iron!
Above is two very different items, a purse and a book cover.
Both using the technique but then adding their unique 
creativity to it.
See more by clicking on the labels below.