Friday, 17 June 2011

Cover Finished

Yesterday evening I finished the cover and added a few pages
to the mixed media 'Thou Art' Book.
One of the pages is made up of Italian Lace
that was in a bag of trimmings someone gave me
when they were having a sort out.
See work that I have created with vintage lace
by clicking HERE
I will keep making pages and then arrange and
secure them in.
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Thou Art Mixed Media Book

This is the start of the Mixed Media Book I have called
"Thou Art".
Base on a Scottish Proverb I found,
"What ev'r thou art,
act well thy part".
I began the piece of work by collecting the materials together
from around my studio and then began by
layering items onto an antique lace tray cloth.
You could use a lace handkerchief etc.
This I backed with Hobbs wadding (batting) and
then began sewing and sticking the layers of items on to
the tray cloth.
this is going to be the cover.
I managed to make a few pages and will continue to add.
I will take photos and post as I go.
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Collecting Together

On Thursday was my day in the studio, lovely.
I love being out and about sharing
and enjoying all the wonderful meetings and workshops
but I also like the time in my studio on my own,
playing and experimenting with 'stuff'.
I wanted to make a mixed media lace inspired book.
Something frilly, containing memories and keepsakes.
So my usual practice is to collect all the things
I can find in an short time. Often colour related too!
It keeps it project and idea based but I allow
for red herrings, lots will be rejected or
it will spark off where other items are while I am
making the item.
(I normally allow 15mins for this collecting otherwise you get lost
with all the lovely things and you don't get anything done).
So above are textiles, paper, trinkets, canvas and water colour paper.
The the process begins either with an inspiration via a picture, idea or
by the items I have collected together.
So many ideas then start rushing through my head
and I group items together.
in this case for the cover and the pages.
In the afternoon I had a visit from Chris who runs
Weeting Quilt Group. She brought her husband to see what a
studio in the garden looks like!
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Alveva Workshop

Alveva Quilters takes up the challenge each year of learning
new patchwork and quilting skills and techniques.
This year it has been folded patchwork.
We started this year with origami and then transferred that from
paper and napkin folding to fabric.
On Wednesday evening,
I showed them how to make the Japanese Folded Bags.
You can see by some of the
ones nearly finished on the table, they are really fun
and so individual.
If you would like to come to one of my workshops,
studio or I am available for talks and demonstrations,
please feel free to contact me.

Alveva Quilt Group

Wednesday night was Alveva Quilter's once a month meeting.
I had been away on holiday for the last few meetings
so it was nice to catch up with everyone.
At Show and Tell Liz showed us her latest
acquisition from ebay.
A wholecloth quilt probably originally from Wales,
from the 19th Century.
It was beautiful, yellow on one side and a slate blue on the other.
Liz has a good selection of old British Quilts and is
available for talks.
See more wholecloth and Alveva by clicking
the written labels below this post.

Machine Embroidered Leaves

Jeanette is machine stitching the mixed media background
for the leaves to be attached to and making lots more leaves and
cords to embellish with.
There are so many techniques that Jeanette has used
on this mixed media wallhanging so far.
See more of the leaves and machine embroidery
by clicking on the written labels below.

Brenda Hand Sewing

As you may know if you follow my blog,
Brenda made a brown crazy work patchwork cushion before.
Her Daughter and Grand Daughter visited her at
the weekend and both saw her amazing cushion, on
the living room chair and both declared,
they wanted one! Could Brenda make them!
Brenda is making them both one and you can see
she has started with her Grand Daughter's first.
All shades of pink and glitz.
The machine embroidery stitches done,
the hand embellishing begins, with
sequins, french knots and sisha mirrors.
See Brenda's patchwork by clicking on
the crazywork patchwork cushion label below.

Gallery day 14th June 2011

Gallery Day was a bit quiet this week as some of the group
were on holiday.
Pat and Sylvia took the opportunity to work on the machines and
get to grips with new techniques.
The patchwork square above is 19" by 19" and
was made out of the scraps from one of my 50p bags.
It took Sylvia an hour to choose where to put the pieces
and sew it together which seemed like magic to the others!
Sylvia loves patchwork and is now enjoying real
high colour in her work.
I wonder where that comes from?
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