Thursday, 12 August 2010

Bark Inspired Embellishment

This morning I have been putting the first layers of
embellished fabrics on an artwork 'to be'.
This is based on bark and will eventually incorporate
real bark too! I made a small sample on Monday.
This piece is 10" by 22".
See more of my embellishments
on my portfollio pages on my website

Swaffham Caterpilar Art Session

I was at Swaffham Community Centre on Wednesday morning.
The centre is really modern and light with lots of facilities available.
This was a Caterpilla Art Board Session with a small group.
They all made their Caterpilla's and most enjoyed it but
as I found out not everyone enjoys a focussed art session
Caterpilla's or completing a project!
The first one in over 200 Caterpilla's made throughout
See the Caterpilla Board on my website

Rhiana's Embellished Card

As you can see Rhiana really made a beautiful card.

Rhiana Embellishing

Rhiana is the 'Splat', Saturday, Art Club Artist.
She had never used an Embellisher so came in for a 'Taster Session'.
Rhiana soon got the hand of it and I can see a lots more
See more embellishing on my website

Gallery Day 10th August 2010

Sarah came in to do a printing session.
Using the etching press, ready for Printing Workshops
which start in September.

Monday Embellished Sample

I am exploring the techniques I can mix with the
embellished materials,
ready to present a new body of work based upon 'Nature'.
This sample is inspired by tree bark.
I have used alot of recyled silk scarves.
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