Sunday, 20 March 2011

Autumn Inspired Banner Quilt

This is the banner quilt is one my Mum and I have been working
on together.
The squares are 2" and made from a variety of textiles.
Mum found the Embroidered centre pieces in a Thrift Shop.
There are two of them and it feels lovely to
give the embroidered chair backs a new lease of life.
They were made in the late 40's by the design and thread used.
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Brown Banner

This is the first Banner Quilt from a new collection
I am working on.
It contains, sari, silks, satins, upholstery
and cotton fabrics.
It is now ready for machine quilting and extra
embroidery embellishing.
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Southern Chinese Textiles

Judith Symmonds came and gave us a talk about
her collection of Southern Chinese Textiles.
I had seen her last year at our Embroidery Guild and knew that
Alveva Quilters would love to see and hear all about the textiles.
Judith is a wonderful speaker telling and showing us
the individual pieces,how they were made and some of the stories
behind them. The members were able
to handle every piece and see close up the
fantastic workmanship.
The Chairmans Challenge this year is
'Folded Patchwork Item', so seeing
some of this intricate folded and embroidered
textiles were really inspiring
but also makes you want to take a breath!
Thank you so much Judith for sharing
your collection and time with us it was really
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Chris Show and Tell

I invited Chris along from Weeting Quilters and some of their
other members to talk about the quilts they are making for
Chernobyl. She brought some of the quilts that have been made
in only one month.
See previous post.
The quilts were wonderful and have inspired some of
Alveva members to collect fabrics and make quilts.
This was a great way of sharing.
We all had n our mind the people of
Japan too!
Sometimes are time needs and wants to be divided into
so many ways.
Best wishes to anyone who is struggling at this
time and for the people who give their time and care to help.

Alveva Quilters Show and Tell

There is always a variety of show and tell as you can see.
This is even before the main speaker or workshop.

Alveva Quilters Meeting

Once a month on the third Wednesday Alveva Quilters
meets at The Methodist Chapel Hall in Feltwell at 7pm.
We have a really packed couple of hours.
This week we had amazing show and tell from all round the world.
Above Yvonne Brown told us how she grew as a teenager
in Nigeria and showed us some of the items of clothing
her father had been given.
It had been a real honour by the village. The embroidery was
The trouser suit above was made by Yvonne, her sister and
Mother with material they used to buy from the
market there. They must have been really trendy!
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