Sunday, 18 September 2011

Will's Quilt

On Friday Afternoon I put the pieces for a
new Quilt Commission on the studio table.
The blocks are 8" square.
I managed to sew up five of the rows.
This is for a teenage boy called Will
and is based on the pennant triangle.
You can see the fabric I started with by

Lily Wall Hanging

The classroom at Knit Wits needs a quilt for the wall.
I am using fabrics that have just come into the shop.
So on Friday morning I cut out the pieces, arranged them
and started piecing them together.
See more of my quilts and wall hangings on my website

Knit Wits Classes

I had my first Evening Teaching at Knit Wits this
week and it was a wonderful night.
Most of the ladies wanted to make the,
Folded Japanese Bags and they looked great.
Others were starting their quilts and projects.
Time went so quick I didn't remember to take photos.
On Thursday, the day classes were the 'Folded Bag'.
I forgot my phone and as I use it to take photos I was
really upset as students came back and they had brought
their finished needlecases and projects and
they were great. So were all the variations on the bags.
Note to self, "don't leave the house with the phone
still on charge!!!".
I have added another Monday a month at
Knit Wits for more projects and finishing.
As you can see there is now a bed in the window
of the shop so it will need quilts.
See more of the workshops

Committee meeting

On Wednesday 14th of September I had several appointments
and I was teaching evening class at Knit Wits.
I am a new member of The Quilters Guild Region Nine Committee.
We met at Betty Stacey's home,
(Thank you, to Betty for your hospitality).
Before the meeting started Betty Ball
showed us her Quilters Washings line that
had been hanging in the museum garden as
an environmental art project.
Betty had a little fun with us and then showed us
how the fabric had faded with the original fabric colours
and how they had changed.
It had held up really well considering it
was hanging outside for 9 months!
I love the Region's Wall Hanging above.
Visit our Quilters Guild page and keeping looking in, as
I am now The Region Nine Web page administrator.
Visit regularly to see updates and news.
See the Quilters Guild Website

Sylvia Fan Patchwork Tablecloth

Sylvia has finished her Grandmother Fan Lace Tablecloth.
It looks fantastic!
Here Sylvia is showing us where her own made
crochet lace is and where the different heirloom lace is on
her tablecloth.
We all admired it along with visiting customers.
Well done Sylvia!
Sylvia's inspiration was my Heirloom Lace Tablecloth.
Visit the page on my website at

Pat's Mixed Media Textiles

Pat has made some amazing mixed media textiles
since coming along to The Gallery on a Tuesday.
She brings her skills as an artist and translates
them now into different media.
The one directly above uses the fabric that
came around a bunch of flowers!
We recycle everything and anything to help
our art on 'Mixed Media Tuesdays'.
See a list of workshop Tuesdays

Gallery Tuesday 13th of September 2011

I love working @The Gallery on a Tuesday as we are
able to do so many techniques.
Here Sara, has started making a Pink Crazywork
Wall Hanging based on Butterflies.
See more of hat is going on @The Gallery

II th of September 2011

I am a week behind with posting and the 11th of September
is always a hard day even though it's my Birthday.
Thank you to everyone who sent me such lovely cards and
messages. I celebrate my day either side.
See my day out HERE
My husband was a fireman for 25 years and I was a
nurse and medic so the events of 911 is to heart.
I have posted a video of the Boat Rescue that day on
my tech site it is narrated by Tom Hanks.
Judy posted it on Facebook, so I thank her
also for her awareness.
Visit my video site