Monday, 20 February 2012

Dressmakers Card

Wednesday morning it was Card Making Class
with Kim @The Gallery.
I have had a couple of weeks off and I have missed
the card creating.
It is so relaxing and creative, it's lovely being a student
Kim is really clever in how she makes her
cards and shows us how to create ones
with her inspiration but our images.
I want to add a safety pin in the top corner
and then I feel it is finished.
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Steam Punk Mixed Media

Jeanette is starting a new mixed media piece.
This one is for a gift for a friend.
The dress was printed onto paper, coloured and then
photo transferred onto fabric and then re coloured and
sewn and embellished.
We will see how this becomes layered and
embellished over the weeks.

Autumn Leaves

Jeanette finished this mixed textile last year and has
had it framed by Haydn @The Gallery.
It looks amazing, sadly I couldn't get a really
good photograph due to all the lights in the
workshop room.
It will be hanging in The Gallery this week,
so well done Jeanette.
It's lovely too as Jeanette doesn't like painting
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Transfer Your Favourite Photograph

Here, are another Mother and Daughter enjoying
creating their textiles together.
Both transferred their pet photographs onto fabric and
developed them into cushions.
I just love Maria's sheep dog cushion.
As they left Maria brought in her
10 month old puppy into the doorway,
he was so soft and cuddly!
and wooed the class.
This month has been lovely so far seeing all the
photographs being transferred onto fabric
and projects full of memories are being

Corset Making

Due to half term, I had Mother, Daughter and Grand Mother
as students @The Gallery.
Here, you can see Mother and Daughter in their corsets that
have been made at class and the bags at
the top were made by Grand Mother and Grand Daughter,
using the corset stamp that Grand Mother had brought with her!
They had a good time sewing and
enjoyed the time creating and sharing !

Floral Wall Hanging

Carol has been wanting to make a Textile Wall Hanging
for some time for her living room. Over the last few weeks she
has been piecing and appliqueing the flowers
in different stitches to it using an embroidery machine too!
It is really looking something.
Well done Carol!
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Crimped Quilt

Barbara has really got the hang of quilt making with
recycled materials.
This is her Crimped Cut Edged Quilt, made from
recycled pyjamas and t-shirts.
It is a really cosy quilt and feels so soft.
Well done Barbara!

Using the Lace

With Lace and Embellishments being some of the inspiration
this month these items use the it in different ways.
The cushion uses the lace that Jane had painted the previous
week. It looks really chic.
Sara had been trying to decorate the lace folded purse
in class the previous week and it took some
working out.
It is based on a Japanese Purse which I translated and
made my version of decorating.
See a video from an Australian lady
on my tech site making her version.