Monday, 1 November 2010

My new iPhone

Well, as you know I have just recently bought a laptop, well today

I got an iPhone 4, as mine gave up the ghost on Halloween!

It was Jenn's old one and I had hoped I would have got used

to using it a bit more, before being thrust into

the twenty first century kicking and screaming!

So much technology to grasp,

I think I might have a melt down instead.

Back to creative art tomorrow

@The Gallery Dereham

New Apple MacBook Pro!

Sunday, Stewart took me shopping for a new laptop,
it feels like Christmas!!
I am currently enjoying playing :)

Japanese Book Folding

I had a wonderful day Saturday folding paper and making a Japanese folding book,
at our Embroidery Guild workshop.
Anne and Jenny were our very competent teachers.
We had to cut out all of our paper before hand
which truthfully was a nightmare!
Anne started us off with some gentle cutting and folding
and by lunchtime we were twist folding and ready
for assemblage. After lunch we glued for England!
As you can see by the results on the table,
they are all very beautiful and different creations.
They are now awaiting their covers.
Thank you, Anne and Jenny for a wonderful day!
See more of our local Embroidery Guild at