Thursday, 15 September 2011

Jenn and a Friend

My daughter Jenn above with a new friend!
We always have a fun time together and if we go
to town we love going in the toy shops as well as
the usual dress shops.
We were walking on air and after having lunch at the
Italian Restaurant Prezzo's we were nearly horizontal!
Jenn thought it was funny getting her own back by
having a flame roasted salmon salad with avocado and croutons!
We both loved the lemon tart!
It was a wonderful day and thank you to all who
helped us and my lovely daughter Jenn!

Pedi Fish and Me

I don't often put photos of me up for all to see but
I thought you would like to see my
unusual Saturday fishing trip!
but without a pole!!!!
My daughter Jenn treated me to Saturday in town
having a 'pedifish' @ Wanda's and lunch @ Prezzo's, for my Birthday.
The fish tickled! it was a fun 25 minutes and we both had a
foot massage afterwards.
Thank you to all who made my Saturday special.
We were walking on air looking around the shops.