Thursday, 31 March 2011

Stella's Wallhanging

Stella had been away on holiday so it was back to the
Gallery this week to finish some more of her
wall hanging. She was a bit despondent when she first arrived
as the wallhanging she thought didn't look anything.
( I posted a beginning picture of the wallhanging before).
Once it was squared off, some embroidery stitches added and
the black border, ( this is bigger than it needs to be at the moment),
Stella seemed a bit happier and was definitely happy
when her husband saw it when he came to collect her.
We often disregard a project in it's early stages because it
isn't turning out quite as we imagined. Persevere and follow
this serendipity it can lead to some wonderful outcomes.
Also if you are really stuck, leave it out where you can see it,
have a break and come back to it, often it will show you what to do next.
Of course you can also bring it along to Gallery Tuesday and have feedback!!!
or your local group or understanding friend.
So Stella's wallhanging is ready to put together for quilting next week.
I think her Grand Daughter will be really pleased.
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