Saturday, 21 May 2011

Charleston Farmhouse

We started at the shop and went through the gates to the
front door. Everything in the house is priceless so we were
given a few rules!
We entered the front door into the hall and straight into
The Study, once a school room for Quentin and Julian.
Then room by room exploring the art and atmosphere.
The Studio was left to last and it was just as you would
expect after the tour we had just had memorable,
as if they had just left the room.
Nearly every room of the house
has a view of the amazing garden.
It looked very picture like from many of them.
You are not allowed to take photographs of the inside of the
Farmhouse so I brought the interiors book and it is
wonderful. The book illustrates the tour you have been on and fills in
historical context and information.
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Charleston Farmhouse,The Bloomsbury Group

Visiting Charleston the home of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant,
members of The Bloomsbury group, has been on my wish list
of places to visit for a long time and as we were in Sussex,
we took the opportunity.
The farmhouse is situated in the middle of The Sussex Downs
not far from Firle Beacon in between
Brighton and Eastbourne.
We arrived at 1pm and the house is open by tour only.
Tours are limited to about nine and ours was at 2pm.
We went round the Exhibition in the small Gallery of
the shop. The Exhibition 'Naked', drawings, paintings and sketchbooks
of Vanessa and Duncan's based on the human form.
Then around the garden,oh! what a garden
a real painters garden a smaller scale to Monet's Garden,
(another place on my wish list)
Beautiful! and so inspirational.
We then needed another cup of tea and had this sat in
Quentin Bell's Ceramics Studio!
and watched a DVD on how the house was restored
when the trust took over in 1978.
We then waited eagerly for the tour to begin!
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Camping Exhibition

Well, we are definitely diverse in our choice of buildings to visit
from monumental castles,abbey's and ancient buildings
Stewart and I have camped nearly every year of our married life
and we were both camping before that.
On the way to Charleston farmhouse we looked in
on a Camping Exhibition.
We are always looking for items to make camping interesting.
We were looking for a front awning to our 4 man tent and
a luxury item, a camping wood burner.
( The type Ray Mears uses in his Winter Expeditions).
As you can see by the photograph it was beginning to rain!

Battle of Hastings

After walking the battlefield we decided we needed refreshment
and went into The Pilgrims Rest.
A restaurant and cafe opposite The Battle Abbey Gatehouse.
It was atmospheric and definitely Tudor.
The original Pilgrims rest was a 'Hospital' to the Abbey.
The monks who were from Marimouter in Alsace served
Pilgrims,travellers and any strangers that needed help.
The 12th Century, 'Chronicles of The Battle' mentions the 'House of Pilgrims'
and in 1340, The Pilgrims Rest is written in
The Abbey's Almoners Accounts.
Well , Stewart and myself needing a cup of tea
rested in the very Tudor Meeting Room.
The rooms we were sitting in were part of the 1420's
alterations and were very well done indeed.
Very atmospheric!
The staff were very hospitable.
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