Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Conservatory Door Curtain

This is the back door conservatory curtain made of many different blue,white and cream scraps of furnishing fabrics.
I now need to make some curtains for the windows now,
maybe something similar?
This one I made last year.
See more of Quilters Cottage as the year goes on.

Conservatory Shelves

As you know since last week I have been decorating the conservatory.
These are the newly painted shelves with the contents well and truely sorted through.
I felt I needed to go through and have a spring clean of all the recipes and tips that I had gathered and put them in a file.
A chance to sort out the clutter which is always a good thing but sometimes a difficult thing to do.
See more of Quilters Cottage as the year goes on.

Lexi Day

Yesterday, Michelle and Lexi came over for the day.
I got the chance to give Lexi a bottle
just before we went for a walk around the woods.
Jenn and I enjoyed our cuddles and catch up with Michelle.
We enjoyed a ladies that lunch in the conservatory as it was
raining off and on all day.
What a lovely time we have!
Friends are so special.

Wedding Card

No Gallery day today as it is closed!
Judy and Haydn got married on Saturday
and are now on honeymoon!
Congratulations to you both!