Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Racing Hare

As you can see I was spotted and the hare took off,
racing up the hill to her partner.
I moved further up the garden and photographed many more hares enjoying their breakfast.
It is truely magical watching wildlife doing their thing!
Being so early I decided to clean out and paint the conservatory!
Things you do because of Spring!!!!
You really see the dust and the paintwork that needs doing!!!
Well it is another form of painting!!

Morning Hare

Got dressed pretty quick this morning beacause I wanted to catch the hare's on the field behind Quilters Cottage.
We live on a hill so the hares collect at the top and slowly make their way down with the sun.
Stewart's been telling me he has counted at least 18 but there were 12 up this morning
when I crept down the garden with my cup of tea and camera.
This one is clearly washing her face!
Click on the photograph to really see her face!
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