Thursday, 1 December 2011

Dereham Celebration Quilt

The Gallery Dereham is moving over the next week to
the newly renovated Dereham War Memorial Hall.
It is going to be the new venue for The Arts.
I have been assembling the 'Celebration Quilt' together,
over the last month. I spent Friday 25th November,
Printing and sewing the label on and the Sleeve
for the quilt to hang from.
I can't show a picture of the Quilt until it
is dedicated on the 4th of December.
All the Tutors are really getting excited.
Visit The Gallery Website to learn more about The Quilt.
or visit the Memorial Hall site

Bags and Runners

Christine has had two sessions and really gets on with
homework to get projects done.
Some students come to class to learn the
tips and tricks of how to improve techniques
and the social side of meeting others who make.
Christine's bag is so good and even has
a key holder inside, along with several
pockets for quilting supplies.

Irene Starts a Christmas Runner

Irene came for an afternoon session at Knit Wits.
She wanted to make a Striped Christmas Runner
using my white and gold one as inspiration,
(see another students one, similar to mine).
Irene wants hers large enough for a Refectory Table.
She had collected all the ribbons and some fabrics.
After laying the ribbons down on a calico base it
was obvious it needed a lift and
Irene got out of her bag of fabric there was some Angel Fabric.
We all thought it was fabric to look at rather
than cut up but it was perfect as the patterns
were in strips.
It looks so Medieval and so fabulous.
Well done! Irene.
I was so lucky as Irene gave me her scraps of the
Angels and some brocade ribbon.
I knew where it would be placed,
on my Architecture Artwork.
Thank you.

Knit Wits P&Q Class November 24th 2011

Classes are really hotting up now with all the creativity
and students finding their own niches and wants!
From the top, Mandy has finished her daughter's
Christmas Table Set.
Jeanette is finishing her daughter's Quillo for
Christmas and Judith is making a Sampler Quilt
so she can learn all the different quilting techniques.
See more of what goes on by clicking the
written labels below.

Card Making Wednesday 23rd November

Kim was as inspirational as ever and showed us
some different techniques and also how to layer papers
distress inks and stamping.
Carol made a fantastic Dragon Card for
her Grand Son.
I continued making layered Christmas Cards,
see above.
See Kim's site at

My talk to The Hackers Tackers and Stuffers Quilt and Needlework Group

There was no Gallery and Textile Day on Tuesday the
22nd of November as I took my Mum to have both eyes lazered.
Mum's ok but it does take it out of you having an op,
especially on your eyes.
We had spent all weekend together as Stewart
and I had re decorated Mum's Kitchen and it had taken
her mind of it but now she could recover with a
lovely new kitchen.
In the evening I gave a talk to
Hackers Tackers and Stuffers over at Watton.
A lovely group and very active in creating.
I shared my 180 quilts with the ladies.
I start with a hexagon quilt that I made when Stewart and I
first got married, above and
then I show different quilts, hangings and items over
the last 24 years.
It was a lovely evening and see the groups
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