Thursday, 14 July 2011

Weeting Quilt Group

Monday I went to Weeting Quilt Group.
As usual there was so much creativity going on.
Also preparation for the quilt show displaying all the
quilts made by quilters throughout Norfolk and
donated for the Chernobyl appeal.
The top picture shows the group with the,
'Bags of Fun', made by Ann and the donations
from these are going to the charity too!
The show is on Saturday 16th July 2011,
10.30 am until 4pm.
There are over 100 quilts to see, sale stands,
and refreshments.
See Weeting Quilt Groups new blog

Caterpillars on Parade Again

Its been such a busy week.
I am doing catch up blogging!
Over the weekend Stewart and I
went to Feltwell for it's annual Village Yard sale.
I really hadn't realised how big the village was.
There were 80 sales all round the village and they were
raising money for St Mary's.
On the way round we saw Yvonne Brown among other
friendly faces and she showed us round
her new Eco home her and her husband has just
designed and built. It is all finished and is beautiful.
With hemp walls!
Around the sales I picked up several clothes airers,
(to dry dyed fabrics on), several pieces of jewellery,
books and a warning triangle for the car!
A strange sort of mixture, but that's what
yard sales are!
When we got home after a lovely lunch
I started packing up the caterpillars and finished
glueing the images onto to card.
It's caterpillar season again, over 250 done so far!