Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Purple Embellishment Day

Some of the purple embellishment items made this afternoon at The Gallery Dereham.

Visit my webpage for more on embellishments and "how to"


I will be demonstrating different mixed media techniques every Tuesday 10 until 2.30pm and in March Workshops will be available to book in.

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Purple Embellishment

The start of purple embellishment under the machine.
see my website for more embellishment ideas


Purple Beads

Another taster of my beads before they are used for creativeness!

Gallery Camel

Paper machie morning at The Gallery Dereham. Putting a coat! on a camel.

Gallery Paper Machie

The SPLAT artclub at The Gallery Dereham had been making paper machie sculptures last Saturday and they had a Camel that needed a wooly fur coat so I applied a mixture of paper and glue mush to add the texture and give it time to dry ready for painting. Judy had a great laugh as the Camel became rather heavy for her legs so ended up sitting down. I'm sure it was because she was tired! baby camel got his fur coat too but was still standing!

The Splat Childrens Art Club is on Saturdays. see http://www.thegallerydereham.com/