Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Scissor Cases

The pattern for the Scissor Case looks very Japanese, I just had to photograph them in a fan shape.

All they need now are their buttons to secure the tab and keep the scissors and Rotary Cutter in place. I love the triple pockets!

Thank you again Pat! and everyone who made our workshop day such a success.

My Sewing Tidy and Case

I am so pleased with my Tidy and Case it's already in use.
Thank you Pat for such a lovely day.

Finished Sewing Tidy's

These are our finished Sewing Tidy's and Scissor Cases.

It made us all feel very happy seeing all of them lined up. They are all so different!

Thank you Pat for being such a wonderful teacher.

Workshop Day with Pat

Today we had a wonderful Alveva workshop day with Pat and were joined by some of Rainbow Quilters too! We made a sewing tidy in the morning and in the afternoon we made a scissor case.
Sewing, chatting and lots of giggles especially from Beryl!