Friday, 24 June 2011

Floral Brick Patterned Quilt

I love making floral patterned quilts in the Summer.
This lap quilt is made from cotton fabrics.
Some Sanderson and Liberty including.
(Above is the front and back).
It measures 43" by 55" long.
It is machine washable.
It is available to buy on my website

Quilt Display Unit

Look at what Stewart finished and gave me today!
It is to hang and display my quilts for sale on
when it's in the Gallery and at Exhibitions.
It is a fantastic unit.
There are quilt hangers on the three sides.
Thank you Stewart!

Weeting Quilt Group

On Thursday I went over to the home of Chris,
the Chairlady of Weeting Quilters where I am a member.
We got together to launch 'Weeting Quilters Blog!
Weeting Quilters are also having an Exhibition on the 16th of July 2011.
Of nearly 100 quilts made and donated by quilters around
Norfolk and Suffolk.
Visiting our new blog to find out more at