Monday, 27 September 2010

Black Button Necklace

Again inspired by the Whitby visit
and the jet jewelry.
Stewart and I spent Sunday afternoon
in the caravan making a necklace similar
to the one Angie gave me.
Angie, Thank you so much.
These necklaces are not as easy to make as they look.
Lots of jewelry wire and knots in the right place!
See more of my brooches and portfolio at

Black Spiral Scarf

Inspired by Whitby and the black Jet Jewelry
I just had to knit a black version.
Very Gothic!!!

Gey Scarf Detail

I just love knitting with this!
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Knitted Grey Scarf

I promised myself I wouldn't take ant sewing on holiday
but I did take my knitting.
I have been knitting spiral scarves
recently and there are many downloaderble
patterns available on the internet.
We went into one of the old churches
which were converted into craft and antique emporiums
in the centre of Whitby and I found this
fantastic wool/net.
I had great fun in the evening knitting with it.
Visit 'Bobbins' to see more unusual wools

Whitby Art Cafe

We had a wonderful lunch out of the wind and rain at
The Art cafe.
The main exhibition to my delight
happened to be a textile artist
and she was in The Gallery.
Judith Reece is a peoples choice winner for Yorkshire,
and by the Exhibition you could see why.
You can see her work on the Art Cafe's website


When your staying by the coast you just have to walk
along the sea and beach comb, don't you!
The Yorkshire coast is Jurassic, so there
are many different types of fossil formations in the rocks
and pebbles. I took many photos, with the intention of
doing some future work of fossilised marine life.

Whitby Abbey through the Whale Bones

This is me on the other headland of Whitby Bay.
I had to hang on for all it was worth
as the North wind was so strong!
We visited the Museums and the
Jet workshops.
The jet jewelry is beautiful but the best pieces were
Victorian and in the Whitby Museum.

Whitby Abbey Ruin

I took so many photographs of
The Abbey as every corner was so interesting
not only because of the structure but the way
the stones have been eroded by the weather.
The history is fascinating

Walk up to Whitby Abbey

We travelled from Withernsea to Whitby,
a couple of hours journey
along the Yorkshire Coast.
This is Jenn and Sophie walking up to the Abbey
in a force nine gale!
Now remember the famous Abbey
is on the edge of a rocky headland of a Bay.
So going near the edge
to look at the view was an experience!
So atmospheric, you can see why
so many Gothic tales were written there,
including Bram Stoker's
Learn more about Whitby at
and The Dracula Experience


An Oasis Caravan on a very windy North Sea Coast!
Considering it was a two bedroom it was spacious
and had all what we needed.

Humber Bridge

Driving up to the Humber Bridge!
Sophie then informed us that she hated
bridges and was a little apprehensive!
Her Dad had told her that it was a big bridge!!
She now saw that it wasn't just big it was enormous!
Sophie then along with Jenn and myself took pictures and
sent them to her Dad.
We, by this time was on the bridge and Sophie was fine.
Throughout the holiday we crossed many a bridge
and of course they were easy because they were all small
in relation to The Humber crossing.
Well done Sophie for putting up with our banter
and dealing with a scary bridge issue.

Travels to Yorkshire

Last Friday the Clark Family and Jenn's friend Sophie
made our way up to Yorshire, well we were staying
at The Withernsea Holiday Park, which is technically
in East Riding and on the edge of Humberside!
An eventful journey as the sat navigation system was totally confused
when we had two diversions! long ones too!