Monday, 23 May 2011

Willow Seating Area

This weekend the willow needed to be harvested,
before it gets too late and you can't bend it into shape.
I had left it a little too long but knew the seating
area opposite the Japanese garden needed doing.
Stewart started the pruning the larger willow branches,
making the holes and planting the up rights and
I stripped off most off the foliage.
Pilling up the different sized poles, I
then began to weave.
It took all day and I think you can see the difference?
The Willow man sat on and watched!
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Coming home from a holiday you always seem to look around your own surroundings.
Down in the Vegetable Garden the Poppies have flowered.
They are the most vivid of red I have ever seen them.
The bees are having a field day!
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