Thursday, 2 September 2010

Animal Quillo

I have really enjoyed playing with animal fabrics
and using them in traditional style quilts.
This is ready for the backing and a cushion as
it will be a quillo.
This will go into the Quilt Exhibition too!
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Animal Single Quilt with Red Squares

I started cutting this out last week and piecing it together.
I used all the animal fabrics that I had collected
and have been given over the years.
They were really fun because of all of the colours and faces!
It is has now been sandwiched together and quilted.
I used a random quilting stitch all over.
Just the borders to do, bias binding and a label.
It will go in the Alveva Quilting Exhibition,
as one of the quilts for sale quilts.
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Visit to Sian's

Went to Sian's fabric store at The Scout Hut in Hunstanton on Saturday 28th
to buy some backing fabric for the colourful animal and red
single quilt I had started to make.
I needed to make something colourful and fun with the
repetiveness of squares.
We love looking at all the different coloured fabrics but I was good and
brought the animal fabric for the backing and some green for the
bias binding.
After we went for some lunch and a walk by the sea, lovely!

Banham Workshop

I went to Banham on the 27th of August
for the last of the holiday workshops.
At Banham Primary School we made Holiday boxes.
This is the workshop in full swing in one of the classrooms.
Making the boxes and decorating them with holiday art and
keepsakes from holiday destinations.

Pentney Holiday Boxes

At Pentney Village again in my role as a Community Artist, making Holiday Boxes.
Everyone made their boxes and then decorates with artwork
based on holidays and travel.
Lots of art and games.
Flying aeroplanes at break time too!
Thank you Sue and Alison for organising it and joining in.
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Gallery Day 24th August 2010

The Gallery Workshops are really taking off now with
mixed media, textiles,drawing and printing.
Kate and Pat wanted to make decorative cords today.
Painted string and then stitched with coloured and metallic threads.
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While staying at Woodhall Spa we went to Horncastle which was about 15 minutes away.
It is a wonderful Georgian Town and has many Antique shops.
This one was amazing, room after room of trinkets and treasures
depending on how you look at it.
This was the courtyard full of china!

Woodhall Spa Camping

Stewart and I took ourselves off for a camping trip to Woodhall Spa in Lincolnshire.
The Bainland Campsite is a really well organised and spacious.
This postcard was taken from one of the Liner posters,
from 1923-1930. The posters were
produced by the London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) to promote rail travel.
The artwork was originally created by Howard E Elcock.
Woodhall Spa was originally an Edwardian town, founded on 'spa water', discovered on the Lincolnshire heathland in the 19th Century. It became a fashionable holiday destination with many grand lodges and hotels.
We had a good time pitching the tent, walking, swimming and enjoying the peace and quiet.