Saturday, 29 May 2010

Fabric Brought!

The main reason to visit Sian's was to pick up the
wadding and thread for Alveva's,
group quilt we are working on.
I also needed some fabric to make a Quillo for a workshop I am giving shortly,
I chose all different shades of blue, one of my favorite colours!
Jenn needed some trimmings to make cushions
and cards for friends,
so all in all we really enjoyed our visit.
By the look of Jenn's face think we spent our budget!
But we still had enough for our ICE CREAMS!
Thank you Sian at The Scout Hut at

Lola Says Hello

When we arrived Lola was having her afternon nap.
Though it wasn't long after with all our giggles and laughter
with Sian catching up on what had happened since our last visit
that Lola decided to see what all the noise was about
and immediately said a very
sleepy hello! to Jenn!
See Lola, in previous postings on this blog!

Hunstanton, Norfolk

On Friday after doing the things that Jenn needed to do,
we took ourselves off for a Mother and Daughter afternoon to Hunstanton,
on the North Norfolk coast.
We always visit here for sea air,icecream,fish and chips and
a visit to Sian's fabric shop!
It was a lovely sunny day and I just had to get the Palm Trees in
on the walk down to the sea!

Jenny's Guild Talk

On Wednesday at the Guild, our booked speaker
was unable to attend so
Jenny brought along some of her work and gave us a really interesting talk.
She told us when ,how and her inspiration.
Even tips of what to use.
There were so many interesting items and
techniques she had used,
it could have kept us busy for hours.
Her work for City and Guilds was wonderful and the textiles based
on Sutton Hoo were outstanding.
The piece above was based on one of te treasures,
Jenny s also giving aworkshop on the 19th of June
on Hooked Rugs.
I booked in and I am sure it's going to be an interesting day.
See my metal pieces at

Jenn's Cake

Relatives are Coming!
Jenn made a fabulous Lemon Cake with
Lemon drizzle icing!
ooo it is goooood!
Why can't Jenn be a chef?