Monday, 1 February 2010

Blue Moon Brooch

I can now show you the Blue Moon Brooch I made for my friend's Birthday. I see her tonight at our once a month get together with The Coven Quilters. Hope she likes it!
As of all the things I make, each one is unique but I will be selling a small range of these brooches in various colours shortly.
I am in the process of beading them at the moment.

Blue Moon Postcards

I was so chuffed today picking up my Blue Moon Business cards and Blue Moon Postcards today from Pronto Print in Kings Lynn. They look near enough like the original piece of work and the colour is intense. They show all the embellishments,stitches and beadwork which I am really pleased about.
You will be able to purchase the postcards shortly and they will also be on sale at The Gallery Dereham.