Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Sketchbook Garden Page

Yesterday, I wasn't able to do 'The Gallery Tuesday', due to a hospital appointment.
Scans and tests later, feel a relief and was looked after really well.
So today I needed to re-group mentally,emotionally.
Stewart treated me to an ipod yesterday and Jenn helped me sort out some music today.
Rang friends and caught up with my sketchbook.
I had piled up alot of goodies to stick in,
so this morning I had fun painting, sticking and glueing,
really fun and releasing!
Feebie, 'The Flower Lady' called this morning too! with her plants in her van.
We live rurally so have many little vans that call with plants,
fish,meat and the fish and chip van beeps!when there here.
Feebie always seems to know when the time is right.
I brought some plants for the flower garden and strawberries for the greenhouse,enjoyed being ouside.
Here is the sketchbook page after my planting.
Feel lucky to be creative and enjoy what ever you are doing because you can!