Sunday, 28 February 2010

Card for Lorna

With every ATC I send, I try and make a different sort of card with the remnants I have on my table from making the ATC's or the work that is in progress at the time. So with Lorna's ATC goes this card.
See some of the ATC'S I have made and received on my website

ATC for Lorna

This ATC went off to Lorna, lets hope she likes it.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Lorna's ATC

Look at what arrived in the post. A beautiful ATC from Lorna,
it is even more beautiful in real life.
To see more of the ATC's I have made and received visit my website

Rose Bonnet Pattern

Listening to Norma Bean's talk at our Embroidery Guild meeting last night about the women sent to Australia for crimes as little as 'stealing a loaf of bread', looking at the display of bonnets representing a few of the women's lives.It brought home the emotional thoughts of women torn from what they knew and never to see their family again. It was emotional because it is the history of human suffering which is often forgotten and still going on today!
The project for this memorial is the quest of artist Christina Henri who lives not far from the female factory in Hobart.
As you can see I brought the pattern and the 3 linen packs. I was determined for my Mum and daughter to be inspired too! 3 generations of women stitching together.
Now to do some more family history!

If you would like to make a bonnet which will be a tribute to a 'Rose' and on permanent exhibition in Hobart.
Please email Norma Bean (this is not a link, put in your address bar as normal)
or visit or the artist

A plea from Norma Bean, please if you have had a pattern, please make and send your Bonnet tribute.

Rose From The Heart Bonnets

Norma Bean was brilliant in telling the story and the quest of Australian Artist Christina Henri, living in Tasmania. Her quest of making a bonnet for the Memorial to all the convict women transported to Australia. Which from records was approximately 25,566. Each bonnet will signify the bravery and grit of 'The Roses' which were torn from their roots for crimes that in Norma's words and many eyes,"required pity more than punishment and they were pawns to a slave trade for stealing as little as a loaf of bread!"
These brave women suffered dreadfully on the journey there which remember took up to a year and sometimes two if they were held on a waiting prison ship. On arrival then went to the factory to hardship and suffering. These are the pioneering women of Australia but they stand for the determination of survival that is outstanding.
If you would like to know more or would like to adopt a brave Rose and make a bonnet. please email Norma. or to learn more about the Roses on the database and history visit Artist

Please a plea from Norma all those that have had a pattern,please make and send your bonnet!

The Bonnet Display

Norma Bean had given her partner and daughter instructions and a diagram of where all the items were to be displayed to aid her talk. It was very impressive to read some of the stories and the names of the women who had been sent to Australia. The display had even more meaning when Norma gave her talk. The bonnets and their historical references were chilling at times as Norma recalled some of the aspects of the women's lives.
If you would like to learn more about the history and theproject vision visit
A plea from Norma Bean, would all those that have had a pattern please make and send your bonnet!

Roses From The Heart

Last night I attended our local branch of The Embroiderers Guild and Norma Bean came to tell us the significance of the bonnets and their story.
Some might have seen them on display at The Festival of Quilts or heard about
'the making of a bonnet.'
For more of the history and artist project visit,
A plea from Norma Bean, for all those who have had a pattern,please make and send your bonnet.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Burning Embellishments

Today I had fun in the Studio embellishing, gilding and burning away with a soldering iron.
Do you like the base for a piece I am working on for exhibition?
It's got to embroidered and beaded yet.
Then I have the issue of how is it going to be mounted.
for more of my art and past exhibition work.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Purple Book Pages

The pages are ready for the embellishment of my sketches and additions before putting them into the embellished cover.

Visit again to see the development of the Purple Book.

At The Gallery 23rd Feb

Lots of comings and goings at The Gallery today. I was demonstrating the covers and pages for the mixed media books I am making. As you can see it involves alot of different techniques.
I loved using the stamps and inks to add the extra details to the single, double pages.
Some interested artists have booked to join in on the morning art sessions on the Tuesday aswell as the evening art sessions which start on March 2nd.
If you would like to book email or call The Gallery Dereham.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Embellished Book Cover Detail

I love the texture and colour of this felt. It almost reminded me of a complex woven tweed pattern.
May even add some more stitch tomorrow.

Embellished Book Cover Start

The start of my embellished book cover. Purple made felt with embellished fabrics on the top. Then machine stitch all over it. Next the bit I love to do Stitch and Bead.
I will make the pages tomorrow at the Gallery using made paper and mixed media techniques.

Embellished Cards

After all the inspiration of yesterday I decided to make the cards today I had been meaning to have a go at after receiving Mary Lou ATC, it had really inspired to combine even more elements with the embellishing (see previous post).

I embellished and machined and embellished some more.

Dyed Felt and Wool Tops

Went to Cottenham, near Cambridge yesterday with Mum and Jenn. Typical as we set off the weather decides Norfolk is going to have a snow storm and as we left Norfolk into Cambridgeshire, rain!
The Exhibition and textile demonstrations were fantastic and Jenn came away with a new title for a body of art work and alot of ideas! we both liked Sharon's demonstrations on the Embellisher and her way of using Tissuetex (brought some and the wax to seal it!).
As you can see I brought some dyed felt and wool tops to continue working. Also brought some more procion dyes and soda ash. At the time I thought I would be able to do some snow dyeing but as we neared home after a wonderful day the snow had turned into hard rain and the snow we had left behind had gone!
The day was topped off by showing what we had each brought and enjoying a Sunday roast which Stewart had been preparing while we were out.
Felt inspired,lucky and nicely tired out!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Spring Is Nearly Here

Sent off some more ATC's this morning and then spent the rest of the day having a studio clear up as I have some visitors who want to come and see my creative space! may even make a video of my space to put on my site as others have asked about

Quilters Cottage Studio.

I have found loads of treasure and UFO's, this felt piece was one of them so I free- motion stitched all over it. I feel it needs more embellishment with glitter threads and embroidery but only had a few hours before tea and the family.

Off to Cottenham 'Textiles in Focus' near Cambridge, tomorrow with Mum and Jenn.A girls inspirational day out and Sunday dinner being cooked for when we get home, feel very lucky!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Lexi On Her Quilt

Jenn and I went to see Michelle and Lexi today, Lexi is such a cute baby. Mum is tired and happy. I think Mum dressed her with the quilt gift in mind!

We both got our cuddles in!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

My Black,White and Blue ATC

This is my ATC for the February swap.'Black, White and a Colour'.
As you can see my colour was blue! This is going to Canada.
See the other ATC'S I have made on my website

Penguin ATC

This ATC arrived today from the Netherlands. The penguin stencil was handcut by Colbi the fibre artist.
I love the beaded picot edges.
Thank you Colbi.
See the other ATC'S I have recieved from around the world on my website,

Postcard Art

I used these mixed media postcards as demonstration pieces to show the different layers of techniques yesterday at The Gallery. I will be using them as digital backgrounds for new work.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Completed Mixed Media Postcard

This visitors postcard comprises of card, paper scraps,tissue paper,PVA glue,acyrlic paints,stamp an inks, oil bars and coloured pencils.
Just some of the medias covered in the taster session at
The Gallery Dereham.
Book into Tuesday sessions.

Gallery Visitor Enjoying Art

A Gallery visitors enjoying the mixed media taster, postcard art morning, combinning different medias which could then be used for postcards or continued to make the front of a greetings card.
The Tuesday evening Art Sessions will continue on March 2nd with Marion, 7.30-9.30pm.
Call in or book at

Tuesday at The Gallery 16th Feb

This Blue Embellishment was brought in today by one of the ladies last week who had a taster embellishment morning.
It's now mini wallhanging.
Well done to all the ladies who have shown their finished their samples.
In March there are workshops of two hour sessions, that can be booked at The Gallery to sample embellishing and make a brooch or card.
email or telephone to book your place.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Green Sparkle Brooch

This 'Green Sparkle Brooch' was just yummy to make and embellish.I used a vintage button for that added sparkle.

Each item I make is unique so if you would like to purchase this,

visit my Etsy shop

If You would like to commission a gift brooch or your favourite colour.

Please email me.

See how I embellish felt on my website

Purple Sparkle Brooch

I 've had fun with the purple too!
This is in my Etsy shop to buy.

Blue Sparkle Brooch

This is a new design of brooch I made today and it is for sale on

Sunday, 14 February 2010

With all the red around today, I spent the time up-dating my 'Red Exhibition' website so that it opens faster.
If you would like to see how some of the sculptures were made visit my main website under the heading 'sculpture, making toxic tendrils'
I would love to know what you think about my websites and what you would like to see and know about my work.

Happy Valentines Day

Roses for everyone!
Happy Valentines Day

Lexi's Arrival

Baby Lexi arrived safely yesterday evening. She weighed 6lbs 4ozs. Michelle, family and friends are extremely happy.Photos soon.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Apple a Day

I have had a really busy week, finishing off pieces and continuing work for exhibitions and teaching. This apple was to practice the stitches before I try them out on ordinary fabric not even weave with easyto follow holes!
Visit to see more stitch pictures.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Red Cluster Brooch

I have enjoyed making this 'Cluster' Brooch this afternoon too!
It is in my Etsy shop

Red Blush Brooch

Finished Brooch, What do you think?
See other brooches and artwork to buy in my etsy shop

Red Blush Brooch

I wanted the viewer to be looking into the petri-dish or onto a magnified slide of the amazing creatures we don't see.
The embroidery had fit my container.
I think you can guess what I have recycled!

Red Brooch Base

Today I needed to get down to some real creating with the embellisher. Using my Marine Biology inspiration. I made the base fabric to embroider and embellish.
See main website for red Embellishment and Toxic Exhibition.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

ATC from Mary Lou

This beautiful ATC was waiting for me when I got home from the Gallery and the weekly shop.
Just beautiful! Thank you Mary Lou.
It will go on my main site under the heading 'Received ATC's'

Tuesday at The Gallery 9th Feb 2010 con'td

The jacket had been beautifully pieced but some of the sheer scarf pieces were starting to fray and would unravel the equiste embroidery and because some where on pockets and sleeves could not be put under the machine so we set to with a chain stitch with a similar thread. Perfect.

I did manage to do a little machining and worked on an ATC in black, white and ........... will post the finished one tomorrow!!!!

I would like to send my best wishes and thoughts to Judy, Haydn and family at this time.

Tuesday at The Gallery 9th Feb 2010

Took all the art stuff to do black and white plus colour of choice (pink and blue, I could'nt decide at the time) for the new ATC challenge and to show Gallery visitors the Artist Trading Cards from around the world and that art could be beautiful,small and can be achieved in their short visit. Also collage work of mine that combined the medias of paper,textile,paint and print.
One of the ladies who had tried the embellishing the week before had brought her finished card with it into show us. it was beautiful but like a true artist she thought it needed something else and wan't quite right but would work on it. It was beautiful! she had embroidered Dorset buttons and included gold work on it too!
Another visitor brought in this jacket, it was a thrift shop find and had originally been made in India. Amazing embroidered sections all crazywork pieced together. Beautiful. The lady had brought it in to see if she could embellish the frayed ends in or what stitch to use.

Monday, 8 February 2010

ATC from Shelia

This ATC arrived from Sheila today, it's wonderful is'nt it?
Thank you so much Sheila.
I will post this on my main website under the heading,
'ATC'S Recieved'.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

My Favourite Stitch

As you can see it is The French Knot!
to see the detail of the stitches and other stitch pictures under the headings on the right.
Happy viewing.

Quilting Blogger Competition

I entered this quilt for the Valentine Weekly Challenge on Quilting Blogger. It's very pastel!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Blue Moon Postcards

The postcards for 'The Blue Moon' collection is now available to buy at
I have 60 available at the moment and I am able to despatch large orders at cost price plus postage for the amount required.

Purple Brooches On Sale

These purple embellished brooches are now on sale on

Made Embellished Felt

After making a stew for tea I settled down to embellish!! This felt was made the layered and wet method during the Summer last year. I make a batch of different colour backgrounds. I embellished this one with twisted wool tops with the Embellisher and then embroidered and beaded. I love the feel of stitching made felt.
I think I will continue to embellish further at another time.

Seaweed Stitching

This morning Stewart and I went and cleared a section of the woods, near where we live. The trees had come down across the walkway. We loaded up the trailer and spent most of the morning chopping and adding to the wood pile. So this afternoon I needed to sit and sew. I added some more ribbon stitches to 'Seaweed' burnt round the edges of the open weave fabric (when doing this be careful of smoke and have water near by!). I then added a base of made fibre paper.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Lexi's Quilt

Lexi's Quilt all sewn together and ready for wadding,backing and quilting.

Lexi's Quilt

Lexi's Quilt cut out. 3 inch squares cut with the rotary cutter, trim borders and the bias binding.

Fabric for Baby Lexi

My friend Michelle who I went to College with is having a baby girl due on the 18th of Feb but as we all know they choose their own time to come into the world.
Michelle has just brought her carrycot/pushchair and of course it needs some nice bedding to go with it. The pushchair/carrycot is one of those new fangle things that opens and closes needing a science degree but looks very modern with a hot pink go faster stripe down the middle!
This is Michelle's first girl and Cori her son is 15,
Ooooo, Michelle is in for some fun!!!!!!
Fabric washed and ready so I am busy making a quilt today and Michelle is having back niggles!!.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Jennifer Rose Clark

Jenn has put some of her baby pictures on her blog with me and her Dad. He always seems to be cooking cakes with her or food is involved! she hasn't changed!

Check out Jenn's Feb blog

See who Mum and Dad were on

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Robbie's ATC

When I came home today this beautiful ATC was waiting for me. It was made by Robbie and came all the way from Australia.
Thank You, Robbie.
This will be added to the ATC Gallery(Recieved ATC'S) on my website,

WOOSP'S,At The Gallery Tuesday 2nd Feb

Ladies embellishing at The Gallery Dereham. We made up a new word " WOOSPS", for the wool tops that were used to lay on top and embellish in. This was often followed by a giggle and then laughter. I had another lovely day and my postcards went on sale! they will be for sale on my website shortly.

In March I will be leading workshops on different techniques.
Visit shortly for siging up details.

Labeling The Pieces

The quilt is nearly finished but theres the edges to do! not easy because you have to turn a hexagon edge into a straight edge. So half lozenges and quarter lozenges needed. We labelled them to colour co-ordinate them and then sew them in.
Jane was wonderful she threaded her needle and started immediately!
We had such a lovely evening and Barbara had made apple cake and flapjack's, yum!
Thank you dear friends for sharing!

Nearly A Hexagon Quilt

The quilt was revealed just afterChristmas. Barbara B had taken it away and seemed to have had a sew in marathon!