Sunday, 20 March 2011

Southern Chinese Textiles

Judith Symmonds came and gave us a talk about
her collection of Southern Chinese Textiles.
I had seen her last year at our Embroidery Guild and knew that
Alveva Quilters would love to see and hear all about the textiles.
Judith is a wonderful speaker telling and showing us
the individual pieces,how they were made and some of the stories
behind them. The members were able
to handle every piece and see close up the
fantastic workmanship.
The Chairmans Challenge this year is
'Folded Patchwork Item', so seeing
some of this intricate folded and embroidered
textiles were really inspiring
but also makes you want to take a breath!
Thank you so much Judith for sharing
your collection and time with us it was really
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  1. The Chinese and Japanese artists create such beautiful textiles. So enjoyable to see these.