Saturday, 30 October 2010

Tombola Quilt

Peter, Alveva Quilter's Newsletter Editor has just sent me this
photo of Jenn manning the Tombola at the Exhibition.
Stewart and I came up with the idea to use an old panel quilt
for the Tombola.
We put the quilt in a Hand quilting circular frame and made
holes all over it. The raffle tickets were then rolled up
and pushed into the holes.
The corresponding ones were put on the donated prizes.
Visitors then pulled out the tickets from the quilt!
This caused quite a stir when visitors especially
quilters realised the quilt was full of HOLES!
Thank you to Pete,Sue, and several other members who
manned the stall over the two days.
It raised lots of money for our charities and
I have been informed the idea will be used at other events.
Now the world, it would be nice if you credit
where you saw it first....HERE!!!!
It raised lots of money for charity.

Liz has a Birthday

We are so lucky at Coven Quilters to celebrate our Birthdays
with friends. I love meeting up.
We laugh and share from the time we walk through the door
to the time we go home.
We are so lucky!

Coven Quilters

This hexagon Quilt that we finished ready for raffling
at The Alveva Exhibition. It is being raffled by CLODS,
one of Kings Lynn a amateur dramatics society's.
The raffle will be drawn next Spring.
Barbara borrowed it back so Coven Quilter members could see the finished result.
CLODS had it quilted and bound by a local firm.

English Country Garden Stage Design

The Exhibition stage took some working out.
I posted the prep in an older post, it looked fantastic with all
the quilts and props in place.
It started with me doing my backdrop with car aerosol paints
and layering the different pieces to paint! a picture of
"An English Country Garden".
Visitors said they found different things to look at each time they
turned round.
Thank you to everyone that helped!

Quilt Exhibition View

The Porters Barn looked amazing
with all the quilts hung from the ancient beams and walls.
The stall holders had real treasures and beautiful crafted things to buy.
So much Inspiration everywhere you looked.
Thank you to all that played their part and to the visitors
who travelled from all ends of the world, some
booking their holidays to see the event.

Quilt Exhibition

These are some of the amazing ladies of Alveva quilters who helped me
realise our biannual Exhibition at Porters Barn Feltwell.
Thank you,
so much to all the volunteers who made it possible.
The Exhibition had nearly 2000 visitors and raised
over a £1000 for our two charities,
Bio Detection Dogs and The Quilters Guild.

Sandringham Walk

So much has happened in the last two weeks,
I feel so exhausted in a happy way!
Jenn and I needed to get away from it all so took ourselves off to
Sandringham at Dersingham in Norfolk.
One of the homes of Queen Elizabeth.
Her Park, Garden and Home are open all year round.
We walked and sat in one of the 'bird hides' next to the 'Dew Pond'.
We sat for several hours, talking and sharing life.
We saw Woodpeckers, Jays and several squirrels
along with the usual birds.
We like to sit in nature and walk in real fresh air
when things get too busy!