Sunday, 26 February 2012

Quaker Tapestry Exhibition

After The Textile and Focus Exhibition, I went into Ely to see
The Quaker Tapestries at Ely Cathedral.
I first had a lovely lunch in the Almonanry Tea Rooms.
I have a real soft spot for Ely as
Stewart and I met there 27 years ago.
The Tapestries were beautifully made and were
so intricate and shared with so many across the world
not only in their making but in the exhibiting.
I was listening to the personal audio when
a lady I did my City and Guilds Embroidery with
over 14 years ago
and is also from the Shetland Islands, came over and we
had a lovely catch up chat. We admired the tapestries together.
Ely Cathedral felt even more special.
I went around the Cathedral and saw many more things
I haven't noticed before.
I sat and reflected for a while as life has been great
but hectic and the calm of the Cathedral was really regenerative.
Quiet contemplation is always good for the soul,
where ever you find that quiet place.
I count my blessings everyday and feel very
very lucky.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Textile in Focus 2012

On Friday 17th February I took myself off to
the 'Textile In Focus' Exhibition at Cottenham College
near Cambridge.
I can't show any photos as Photography wasn't allowed.
This was disappointing as we all love to share events and
celebrate what inspires us.
I always ask before I take photos no matter where I am
and when I did at the show some of the artists
said they didn't want their work put on the internet
or for people to copy.
Which is fair enough but I am still on the side of sharing!
There is enough art and ideas in the world to exchange!
and everyone does their work in an individual way.
Not everyone uses the same techniques
and their outcomes may resemble but will never be identical.
You may learn by coping but it is that, a copy and if your work is to
stand alone and inspire it will show it's soul by the hard work
you put in to develop the ideas and make it your own.
I do ask the question out there to you,
"Why Exhibit if you don't want to show anyone?"
Visit the Textile in Focus website

Knit Wits Quilt Making

Some students at Knit Wits are making a quilts,
so it is taking many sessions to complete.
Jenny is making hers out of recycled fabrics.
Jenny has never made anything this size before so it takes
encouragement from all.
It was lovely this week to be able to lay out
the large blocks and start to join them together to form
the strips. It wont be long now before Jenny is layering her quilt
ready for quilting.
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I have had several students who are just visiting Norfolk
for a short while, on holiday, visiting or on leave.
Vicky has been on leave for a couple of weeks and
this year has challenged herself to learn patchwork and quilting.
Mum had signed her up for a class with me and I
managed to squeeze her into another one because she
was so enthusiastic.
She got straight in there making a folded bag, got inspired
by 'Show and Tell', making a large pincushion!
A bit of a giggle in some groups because so far Shirley
had the biggest one!
Vicky also made a pocket wall hanging over the week and then
made a piece of strip patchwork to cover a
sketchbook to take her notes in.
She has been so inspired she brought the machine
that she has been working on in the workshop!
That shows real dedication.
Well done Vicky! and keep in touch.
See more students work by
clicking the labels below.

Photo Transfer at Knit Wits

As you probably know I have been taking my
printer and prepared fabric to all of my classes
so students can transfer their photos onto to fabric for
projects and keepsakes.
All of the photos have had wonderful stories behind
them and have taken many down memory lane.
They will make another leap into life with the
items that they are being made into.
It's been like magic! seeing the images
emerge onto the fabric for all of us.
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Knit Wits Quilt Class 16th February 2012

The classes at Knit Wits has Inspiration Topic every week
and students are working on their own projects.
Claire and her husband went to Canada seven years ago and picked
up a pack which had the fabric and 'some' instructions
on how to make a table runner inspired by the bears.
She has been putting it together over the last couple
of weeks and now she is ready to quilt it.
It looks great and what a lovely memory of
Visit Knit Wits website

Alveva Quilters Meeting

On Wednesday the 15th of February Alveva Quilters had their first
evening meeting for 2012. We have held Coffee Mornings
and Work Days during the day since December
because of the Winter Weather.
These meetings have been really lovely for members to get together
and share making and skills.
The evening was based on all the news, 'Show and Tell' from members
and the topic,
"What or What Inspires You?".
Everyone joined in and there was a real variety of ideas
and items.
My favourites were the quilts and an art book,
Carol shared with us written by
John Clare and Carry Akroyd.
It is all based on landscapes and animals.
I was so inspired I ordered it from Amazon.
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Monday, 20 February 2012

Dressmakers Card

Wednesday morning it was Card Making Class
with Kim @The Gallery.
I have had a couple of weeks off and I have missed
the card creating.
It is so relaxing and creative, it's lovely being a student
Kim is really clever in how she makes her
cards and shows us how to create ones
with her inspiration but our images.
I want to add a safety pin in the top corner
and then I feel it is finished.
Visit Kim's Blog site

Steam Punk Mixed Media

Jeanette is starting a new mixed media piece.
This one is for a gift for a friend.
The dress was printed onto paper, coloured and then
photo transferred onto fabric and then re coloured and
sewn and embellished.
We will see how this becomes layered and
embellished over the weeks.

Autumn Leaves

Jeanette finished this mixed textile last year and has
had it framed by Haydn @The Gallery.
It looks amazing, sadly I couldn't get a really
good photograph due to all the lights in the
workshop room.
It will be hanging in The Gallery this week,
so well done Jeanette.
It's lovely too as Jeanette doesn't like painting
Visit The Gallery

Transfer Your Favourite Photograph

Here, are another Mother and Daughter enjoying
creating their textiles together.
Both transferred their pet photographs onto fabric and
developed them into cushions.
I just love Maria's sheep dog cushion.
As they left Maria brought in her
10 month old puppy into the doorway,
he was so soft and cuddly!
and wooed the class.
This month has been lovely so far seeing all the
photographs being transferred onto fabric
and projects full of memories are being

Corset Making

Due to half term, I had Mother, Daughter and Grand Mother
as students @The Gallery.
Here, you can see Mother and Daughter in their corsets that
have been made at class and the bags at
the top were made by Grand Mother and Grand Daughter,
using the corset stamp that Grand Mother had brought with her!
They had a good time sewing and
enjoyed the time creating and sharing !

Floral Wall Hanging

Carol has been wanting to make a Textile Wall Hanging
for some time for her living room. Over the last few weeks she
has been piecing and appliqueing the flowers
in different stitches to it using an embroidery machine too!
It is really looking something.
Well done Carol!
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Crimped Quilt

Barbara has really got the hang of quilt making with
recycled materials.
This is her Crimped Cut Edged Quilt, made from
recycled pyjamas and t-shirts.
It is a really cosy quilt and feels so soft.
Well done Barbara!

Using the Lace

With Lace and Embellishments being some of the inspiration
this month these items use the it in different ways.
The cushion uses the lace that Jane had painted the previous
week. It looks really chic.
Sara had been trying to decorate the lace folded purse
in class the previous week and it took some
working out.
It is based on a Japanese Purse which I translated and
made my version of decorating.
See a video from an Australian lady
on my tech site making her version.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Textile Tuesday 14th February 2012

Pat is one of my students who has been coming along
to Textile Tuesday @The Gallery for the last 2 years.
She is a Mixed Media Artist and is wanting to get to
know Patchwork and Quilting a little better.
She has mixed up her medias in the Crazywork Patchwork
square above and
Pat also has a new Great Grandson on the way
so, is busy getting him a quilt ready.
As usual though, when we do 'Show and Tell',
students are really hard on themselves and
show their mistakes to the group before they
take in the admiration from the group.
I encourage more patting on the back then criticism.
We all know you learn by your mistakes as much as your
successes but sometimes it's nice to just take the
project in, know where you could have improved or where
you would do it in a different way next time.
Happy Creating!

Gallery Tuesday Heart Origami

On the 14th, Valentines Day I gave all of my students
who shared their day at class a origami heart.
See how these are made on my tech site.

Weeting Quilt Group 13th February 2012

It was our first meeting back after our Winter break
and the snow was still on the ground outside the hall.
Lots of members turned out on the cold day and
we were soon sewing, chatting and catching up.
Lots of 'Show and Tell', especially
Sue with her Wholecloth Quilt.
She only has the borders to finish.
It is stunning.
Sue brought the printed wholecloth sheet and then
backed it with sateen. The sateen is going to be the front.
So technically she is working from the back. Her stitches
are small and even and shows her dedication.
Visit Cottonpatch to purchase a printed top.

Transfer Photographs and Print Onto Fabric

This month I have taken the printer and prepared
fabric into classes so students could experiment with
photo transfer on an ordinary printer.I explained how they
could have a go at home if they wanted.
There has been so many wonderful photos and
pictures come in for transfer with stories and
memories attached.
I love the sharing of creating!
These fabric images are now being made into
wall hangings, cushions, albums and keepsakes.
Just lovely!

Quillo Making at Knit Wits 9th February

So many quillo's are being made now
and it so lovely to see.
Every one although follows my pattern look
entirely different.
Ros has been working on this one for her Dad.
It is so fresh and shows Ros's style in the colour
See more quillo's by clicking on the labels below

Book Page Inspired by Whitby

This is another one of Jeanette's finished pages.
Inspired by Whitby as you can tell with the gothic
shell of the Cathedral.
They are so richly decorated.
Lots of mixed media techniques were involved in this piece.
Well done Jeanette!
See more of Jeanette's pages and work by
clicking the labels below.

Book Cover

With 'Lace, Trimmings, Embellishment and Transfer',
being the inspiration of the month at classes.
I have been encouraging students to go through their
stashes and see what they have and share.
Helen brought along a piece of fabric that she had
fused to a piece of pelmet vylene and wanted to know
how she could embellish it and make it into a book cover.
I love mixing up the medias as you know, so this was
great showing someone how they could take their sparkly
bits and pieces, lace and trim and have fun.
It is all put onto the stiffened fabric with fusible web
and then covered with voile and stitched.
Helen added coloured lace trimming and
a beautiful shimmery butterfly.
Well done Helen!
See more book covers by clicking on the labels below.

Dinosaur Quilts

I love the variety of creative projects that are being made
at classes and the above one is a quillo being made for
a Grandson who loves Dinosaurs.
Jenny has cross stitched different dinos and pieced
them in blocks around the border of a printed panel.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Lace Painting @The Gallery

I am encouraging students to dye and colour different
types of fabrics and trimmings, so they can have a palette
of textiles and embellishments to work with.
The laces were painted, sponged and sprayed
with various paints, inks and dyes.
The underneath papers and fabrics can be as interesting
as the pieces you are colouring.
Doubling your mediums!
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Gallery Tuesday 7th February 2012

I have been taking the printer and prepared fabric
to all my teaching sessions this month so that
students could transfer their pictures and photos
onto fabric. It's lovely seeing textiles being
created this way and it makes it so personal.
Nikki above, is making a cushion with pictures
in memory of her Mum.
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Bag Making

On Monday 6th of February it was lovely to play
in my studio making another bag for the Bag Day
in March.
Blue is my favourite colour so, it was even more pleasurable!
I made the bag in the traditional bagging method by
making the outer bag and lining leaving a gap in the lining to
turn the two pieces that are now sewn right sides together.
It makes the edges clean and tidy.
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Good News

I went to Wensum Lodge, The Adult Education Centre,
in Norwich.
I went to start the next step of starting the
City and Guilds for
Machine Embroidery and Patchwork and Quilting
@ The Gallery Dereham.
The meeting went really well and the Award Levels
can start at the end of March, after everything is put
in place.
If you are Norfolk you will be able to participate
in these courses.
They will be on a Wednesday.
The Awards, cover the basics of the Guilds, similar
to a taster.
Great News for all that want to start gaining
educational certificate recognition for their


As you can see there is a variety of cushions being
made by students.
Ever one takes a different combination of techniques.
This is what makes the sessions so interesting for everyone.
Seeing the inspiration and makes from myself
and other students.
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