Friday, 18 October 2013

Still Life

Every week I have decided to set up a new Still Life so there is something
different and interest to paint and photograph but also 
allows me to teach the principles of painting and drawing.
When I was studying my Art Degree I investigated 
the language and meaning  behind the items within their paintings.
See more of the Still Life's HERE
the items that artists would set up 

Ready for Classes

Within a week of moving in The Old Art Room was ready for classes
and it is so light and bright especially with its new coat of paint 
and the tables and some art work going up on the wall.
See more of what goes on at my blog

Old Art Transforming

It took us four days to paint the Old Art Room as the walls are
all tongue and grove boarding. 
Mum was drafted in to paint cupboards and the shelves.
These shelves turned out to have a story.
The room was a woodwork room before it was an Art Room 
and Harry Carter, relative of Howard Carter used to
teach wood work in here and he had made the shelves so 
all the tools could be neatly put away in the cupboard!
His wood carving is all around Norfolk including
 the Swaffham sign and in the church.
Before the Art or Woodwork room, when first built it was a Gym!
That accounts for the sprung floor!
Visit the Swaffham Museum HERE

Old Art Room,New Art Room

Finally I am able to blog about The Old Art Room 
which is now the new Art Room but called
"The Old ArtRoom"
This was the before pictures to The Old Art Room.
When I walked in I knew it would be a great space
for creating Art and over the last month it has proved so true.
So many have called through the door and so many are enjoying 
classes and using the space. More to come too!
Students who have come to visit who went to school here have shared 
their stories and think its great the building is having a new lease of life.
We, Stewart and I soon got to work transforming the space 
into a creative space for us to work in.
See the after photos.

Old School Swaffham

Finding myself without a venue at the end of the summer
was a bit of a worry but that soon went when I was asked
to look at The Old School Swaffham.
It was originally Hammond's Sixth Form and before that
the Boys Grammer School. 
It has got a long history and such an interesting building.
It was going to be levelled and turned into flats but the community
objected, good job too because 
Lady Melanie Shaw- Sutton has brought it and it is now an
"Arts, Crafts, Antiques and Culture Centre.
I am what was the old Art Room!

As most of you know now I am in what was t

Katie Screen Printing

Katie is Irene's Grand Daughter and she came along
in the holidays to have a go at screen printing too!
She had a fantastic time and created some fantastic 
Well done Katie!

Screen Printing Results

These are so of the results of the day,
There is a mixture of wood block, printing plates and screen printing.
The combination makes for really interesting fabric.

Screen Printing

The last lesson I gave in Dereham was Screen Printing 
using Thermofax screens.  They make screen printing
so much easier and they are so easy to use.
Everyone had great fun and shortly I will be having a 
Thermofax machine for the studio so we can make our own screens.
watch this space:)))

More Bags

You can never have enough bags or inspiration for bags!
These are all different and I have shared the patterns over the 
last few years at classes and as you have seen, even though
we all start with the same pattern they all end up totally different
and unique :)
Iren made the "Sweet Pea" Purse above for her Grand Daughter.
Carol made the Pleated Floral Bag.
Gloria made the adaptation of the Windmill Bag and
Julianne made a very large Quilt Bag.Well done they all look fantastic!
See more bags by clicking the written labels below.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Irene's Quilt

Irene makes some amazing things and here is one of her quilts.
This one has been sewn together and unpicked and then sewn
together and then unpicked again, I don't know how many times
before she was pleased with the corners and points!
We all think it's fantastic but you know how some projects just get you
when you are in the thick of them and just don't go right?
You go off them!
Irene is hand quilting it at the moment.
Keep going it' wonderful!

Eiffel Tower and Paris with Love Bag

Hilary makes some great Bags and as you can see this
one is themed on Paris. 
A photo transfer onto fabric of The Eiffel Tower she
took while on holiday and a beautifully embroidered one in the opposite too!
I am due to do another session on photo transfer as it is so popular.
See more by clicking the written labels below.

Bags With Pleats

These are the same purse pattern enlarged and made with 
strips of fabric and then pleated. 
It gives a fullness to the bag and adds that added detail.
Again the variation is fantastic depending on the fabric you 
choose and the added embellishments.
See more bags by clicking the written labels below.

More Purses

The Purse Pattern has really been a successful one.
Its been lovely seeing all the different variations.
See previous post HERE
I then extended the pattern to a larger bag and another with pleats.
The variations are endless.
See more bags by clicking on the written labels below.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Canadian Smocked Cushions

Caroline taught the Thursday Textile Class how to make
the circular Canadian Smocked Cushions the other week,
see post and how to make them HERE
and here are some of the finished cushions.
They have been so popular. 
The only thing we have all found is the time 
it takes you to mark the grid out!
Well done Caroline for such a successful class.
They are wonderful and every fabric makes a completely 
different effect. We can also spot whose is whose by the colour.
Liz loves Poppies!

Cushions and Blocks

The last Textile Tuesday and Thursday of the month
I teach a block pattern. How to cut, put together and
the variations it can be used in.
The 'Block of The Month' is Star Blocks.
As you can see above they have been used by Muriel
to make a selection of cushions and these have been 
given as gifts.
The Star Blocks below were made by Carol and Sandra.
To see more cushions click the written labels below.

Janets Fan Quilt

It was so lovely laying out Jane's Fan Quilt she is making
for her grand daughter. To see the pattern and full 
effect of the Fairy Border was lovely.
Just the binding to add and the addition fan quilting.
Well Done Janet.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

I get to walk an Alpaca

"Smile we are having our photo taken.
 Do you have to keep eating your breakfast?"

"Now you and me are having a little chat!
You will behave and walk nice and finish your breakfast!"

"See everyone else? they are starting to walk, are you ready?"

"Come on, you me, an afternoon walk!"

"Come on, Ohh not more food!"

Alpaca Day

Every year Stewart and I give a Sunday to fundraising at 
"Azsu, Alpacas of Norfolk"for Cancer Care.
It's normally the last Sunday in July.
We set up a mini exhibition and demonstrate
carding and embellishing (dry felting).
It's a great day, we arrive early to see all the Alpacas being divided up 
into their different fields and the babies are so cute!
This year Jenn came to see what it was all about and went for
a walk with one of the one year olds.
She loved it!
To see more about Alpacas visit