Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Gosford Park Inspiration

OOO, look at Jeanette's finished Gosford Park Page.
Inspired by the ladies,lace and finery of a bygone age.
These are just beautiful pages.

Ann's Quillow

Ann had a stash of fabric squares she brought on holiday in America and

is now making a Quillow with them.

These are the squares cut out for the front and Ann is

busy sewing them together, after we labelled the rows once the arrangement

was worked out.

Today she was able to work out the front and back of the cushion panel

for the quillow

and do some felt embellishing.

I really love the brights!

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Pat's Hat Brooch

Pat made this embellished felt brooch to go on her

new felt hat.

The studio lady was more than happy to model it for her.

Pat has made two more from the same piece of embellished felt,

all are totally unique.

Well done! Pat.

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Project Finishing

These are some of the projects that I never got to post before

Christmas. Here Carol is putting the finishing touches to her

Christmas runner. It looked beautiful and must have

looked stunning on her table.

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Gallery Day 11th Jan 2011

Gallery Tuesday's, kicked off the classes for beginning of the year, back
@The Gallery Dereham today.
Mine wasn't the only family hit by flu over Christmas
and New Year but we were all feeling much better
and ready to move on with projects.
As you can see everyone is busy doing different work.
See more of what goes on @The Gallery